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He aha te ture ā-rohe

How bylaws work

Bylaws are local rules that affect the way we live, work and play.

Who can make bylaws

Auckland Council and Auckland Transport create bylaws in Auckland.

Auckland Council is responsible for bylaws about:

  • public health
  • safety
  • nuisance
  • use of council-controlled public places in Auckland not covered by Auckland Transport.

Auckland Transport is responsible for transport-related bylaws and those applying to the Auckland transport system, such as local roads and public transport.

Local boards and Watercare can propose bylaws, but not make bylaws.

How we review bylaws

Bylaws are reviewed every five to ten years (exceptions may apply to waste and traffic bylaws).

This process involves public consultations to make sure our bylaws are useful and reflect what Aucklanders need.

How we respond to bylaw issues

We investigate bylaw breaches that we see or are reported to us.

Where appropriate, we use a range of compliance methods to respond to bylaw breaches.

These include:

  • advice and education
  • warnings
  • seizure of property
  • cost recovery for works or damage
  • suspension or cancellation of approvals
  • infringement notices
  • prosecution.

Report of a bylaw breach

To report a bylaw breach, visit our Contact us or report a problem page.

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