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Ngā waikanaetanga poari ā-rohe

Local board agreements

What is a local board agreement?

Each year, every local board makes an agreement with our Governing Body for the delivery and funding of services in the local area. The agreement makes up part of both the 10-year budget and annual budget.

Local board agreements record the delivery and funding of local activities and intended levels of service for that area, for the year.

The agreement takes into account local board plan priorities, but must also reflect Governing Body decisions about Auckland-wide priorities, budget constraints and trade-offs across all of our activities.

What a local board agreement includes

The local board agreement must include:

  • the intended levels of service for each local activity and the way performance will be measured
  • the estimated expenses to achieve and maintain those intended levels of service
  • how any expenses in excess of the funding allocated to the local board are to be met (including from local revenue sources).

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