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Auckland Council The Auckland Plan

Ngā whanonga pono o te Mahere o Tāmaki Makaurau

Auckland Plan values

Values inform our thoughts, words and actions. They shape and drive our behaviours and the decisions we make. Values are important because they help us create the future we want.

The Auckland Plan 2050 outlines a future that all Aucklanders can aspire to. It is a prosperous future with many opportunities and a better standard of living for everyone.

The values of the Auckland Plan 2050 help us to understand what is important in that future:

The Auckland Plan values are: Atawhai, Kotahi, Auaha, Pono, and Taonga tuku iho.

  • Atawhai | Kindness, generosity
  • Kotahi | Strength in diversity
  • Auaha | Creativity, innovation
  • Pono | Integrity
  • Taonga tuku iho | Future generations

The values also help us to understand how we will get there. Achieving the future set out in the Auckland Plan 2050 requires every Aucklander and many organisations to work together.

A shared set of values makes this possible. It helps us have confidence that the decisions we all make are the right ones for today and for future generations.

The Auckland Plan 2050 values are what we believe are important. They connect us with each other and with this place we call Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland.

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