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Auckland Council The Auckland Plan

Ki te mēhua ahunga whakamua

Measuring progress

Effective monitoring and clear evaluation processes are vital to successfully implement the Auckland Plan 2050.

Ongoing monitoring and evaluation provides:

  • a process for tracking progress
  • a strong evidence base to help align our implementation plans, regulatory plans and funding programmes.

Monitoring framework

The monitoring framework measures progress made towards delivering the six outcomes set out in the Auckland Plan 2050.

Some of the outcomes we measure, for example levels of transport emissions and the cost of housing, apply to progress across more than one outcome. This reflects the integrated nature of the plan.

Read more about the Auckland Plan's six outcomes.

Auckland Plan 2050: Monitoring framework

Three Yearly Progress Report

The Three Yearly Progress report is the Auckland Plan's most detailed monitoring report. It is published every three years and builds on the information provided in the annual monitoring report.

The Three Yearly Progress Report also uses a range of other reports and data to show the progress made for each outcome.

We completed the first progress report in February 2020.

​Annual monitoring reports

​Annual scorecard

 The annual scorecard is a visual presentation of the annual monitoring report.

​Baseline measures

This report explains the data we use to measure the progress of the Auckland Plan.

​The Development Strategy

The Development Strategy shows how Auckland will grow and change over the next 30 years. It takes account of the Auckland Plan's six outcomes, as well as expected growth and opportunities provided in the Auckland Unitary Plan.

We report on the Development Strategy every year to track its progress.

See our Development Strategy Progress page to find out about progress made in 2022/2023.

You should know

We adopted the Future Development Strategy (FDS) in November 2023. The FDS replaces the Development Strategy, and we will reflect this in future monitoring.