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Our Future Development Strategy (FDS)

Our Future Development Strategy (FDS) sets out how Auckland will grow and change over the next 30 years.

We need to plan infrastructure for Auckland that provides quality urban environments with good access to public transport, jobs and facilities.

This will help us create inclusive, vibrant and resilient communities.

About the Future Development Strategy

Auckland’s population is expected to reach 2,230,800 by 2053. We need to plan how and where Auckland will develop to support this growth.

The FDS helps us plan how to:

  • grow the region in places that are safe for current and future Aucklanders
  • enable resilient communities
  • focus funding and investment where it is needed most
  • continue our quality compact city approach.

Our quality compact city approach

Our quality compact city approach involves development:

  • in areas that are easily reached by public transport, walking and cycling
  • within reasonable walking distance of services and facilities including centres, community facilities, employment opportunities and open spaces.

How the FDS will help deliver a quality compact city

Auckland’s built environment enables us to develop prosperous, inclusive and vibrant communities.

Creating a quality compact city allows us to focus growth in the right places at the right time.

This makes sure we can also:

  • protect and restore our natural environment
  • adapt to the impacts of climate change
  • reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

Future urban areas

The 2018 Development Strategy marked out some areas in Auckland as 'future urban areas'.

The storms of January and February 2023 highlighted the dangers of flooding and land stability in many of these areas, as well as the challenges to the resilience of infrastructure.

Under the FDS, we will no longer develop urban areas where this could create risks to life and property.

Read the Future Development Strategy documents

​Superseded Development Strategy documents

We have replaced these documents from our 2018 Development Strategy with the Future Development Strategy (FDS) documents.