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Te ahunga whakamua o ngā kupu nō konei me te whai wāhitanga

Belonging and participation progress

We know we have achieved this outcome when all Aucklanders are part of and contribute to society, access opportunities, and have the chance to develop to their full potential.

Annual scorecard

Scorecard measures

The annual scorecard tracks progress against this outcome through the following measures:

Measure 1: Aucklanders' sense of community in their neighbourhood.

Measure 2: Aucklanders' sense of safety in their homes and neighbourhood.

Measure 3: Aucklanders' quality of life.

Measure 4: Relative deprivation across Auckland.

Measure 5: Aucklanders' health.

Measure 6: Treaty of Waitangi awareness and understanding.

2022 annual scorecard

The 2022 annual scorecard (PDF 13MB) provides updated data for one of the six measures for this outcome.

The percentage of Aucklanders’ who rated their knowledge of Te Tiriti o Waitangi positively has remained constant since 2019 (45 per cent).

Three yearly progress report

The Three yearly progress report provides a more detailed analysis of trends for this outcome, drawing on a range of other reports and data sets.

The 2020 Three Yearly progress report (PDF 17.3MB) indicates that we have made positive progress in trust and reliance on people and perceptions of diversity and neighbourhood safety. Health outcomes such as life expectancy and smoking have improved. The number of Aucklanders that have actively participated in the arts has improved with many residents agreeing that the arts makes Auckland a more vibrant and attractive place to live.

The report identified some opportunities for greater progress that are important to the future of this outcome:

  • Supporting community connection and resilience
  • Improving physical activity and mental health
  • Supporting communities of greatest need

A full discussion of these findings can be found in the Belonging and Participation chapter of the Three Yearly Progress Report (PDF 17.3MB).

Measure 1: Aucklanders' sense of community in their neighbourhood

Measure 2:  Aucklanders’ sense of safety in their homes and neighbourhoods

Measure 3: Aucklanders’ rating of their quality of life

Measure 4: Relative deprivation across Auckland

​Measure 5: Aucklanders' health

Measure 6: Treaty of Waitangi awareness and understanding