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Auckland Council The Auckland Plan

Environment and Cultural Heritage progress

We know we have achieved this outcome when Aucklanders preserve, protect and care for the natural environment as our shared cultural heritage, for its intrinsic value and for the benefit of present and future generations.

Annual scorecard

The annual scorecard tracks progress against this outcome through the following measures:

Measure 1: State and quality of locally, regionally and nationally significant environments

Measure 2: Marine and fresh water quality

Measure 3: Air quality and greenhouse gas emissions

Measure 4: Protection of the environment

Measure 5: Resilience to natural threats

Measure 6: Treasuring of the environment

The 2020 annual scorecard shows that the levels of air quality pollutants (NO2) and greenhouse gas emissions have reduced. There has also been a reduction in the number of volunteer hours worked.

Note: Auckland’s next five yearly State of the Environment Report was recently published and provides an integrated overview of data and trends across all environmental domains. Work to adopt more fit for purpose measures has recently been concluded and these will be reported in the 2021 Annual Monitoring Report.

Three yearly progress report

The Three Yearly Progress Report provides a more detailed analysis of trends for this outcome, drawing on a range of other reports and data sets.

The 2020 Three Yearly progress report indicates that we have made positive progress with our beach water quality, domestic waste, the number of community groups active in environmental restoration initiatives and public awareness, and our understanding and appreciation for Auckland’s cultural heritage. The pattern of consented activity within the existing urban area has also continued to largely follow the quality compact approach.

The report identified some opportunities for greater progress that are important to the future of this outcome:

  • Transitioning to sustainable urban planning and development approaches
  • Building resilience of our environment, species, cultural heritage and infrastructure to climate change impacts

A full discussion of these findings can be found in the Three Yearly Progress report: Environmental and Cultural Heritage chapter.

Note:  The impacts of Covid-19 are not captured in these monitoring reports. For the most recent data available for Auckland (for example on the economic impacts of Covid-19) go to Auckland Council's Research and Evaluation Unit website in the ‘new on Knowledge Auckland’ section.