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Auckland Council The Auckland Plan

Homes and Places progress

Aucklanders live in secure, healthy, and affordable homes, and have access to a range of inclusive public places.

​Why is this outcome important to Auckland?

The housing system does not work for many Aucklanders. We currently have one of the least affordable housing markets in the world. Aucklanders, whether buying or renting, pay more for housing than most other New Zealanders.

House price and rent increases also mean some households find themselves in unsuitable accommodation. This has resulted in increasing incidences of housing stress, and the number of people who find themselves homeless or without shelter has increased considerably.

Others have fewer housing choices, and live far from jobs, schools and other facilities due to limited availability of affordable options.

There are many factors that affect how many homes we build, how quickly we build them, what type of homes we build, and what they cost. The way we regulate land supply, what we charge for development and the size and capacity of the building sector are all aspects of the housing system that influence what is charged for a completed home.

Security of tenure is more important than ever. We need to ensure renting is not a second-rate option to home ownership, and that the rental system better serves Aucklanders. This includes ensuring our rental is well designed and contribute to healthy outcomes.

As Auckland’s population grows, we must provide sufficient public places that meet the needs of residents. They are an extension of our homes and the way we live, and their design must therefore be flexible to accommodate how people of all age groups and abilities will use them.

When we focus on place, we do things differently. Place-making recognises that our places foster wellbeing and support the way we live. 

​Where are we at?

We track progress against this outcome through the following measures: 

Measure 1: New dwellings consented

Number of new dwellings consented for Auckland by financial year

​Measure 2: New dwellings completed

Number of new dwellings issued with Code of Compliance Certificate

Measure 3: Housing costs

Housing costs as a percentage of household income (%)​

Measure 4: Homelessness

This measure is currently under development​

Measure 5: Built environment

Respondents to the Quality of Life Survey who agree they feel a sense of pride in their local area (%)​