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Māori Identity and Wellbeing progress

We know we have achieved this outcome when a thriving Māori identity is Auckland’s point of difference in the world and it advances prosperity for Māori and benefits all Aucklanders.

Annual scorecard

The annual scorecard tracks progress against this outcome through the following measures:

Measure 1: Whānau wellbeing

Measure 2: Māori in employment, education and training

Measure 3: Māori decision making

Measure 4: Te reo Māori across Tāmaki Makaurau.

The 2020 annual scorecard shows there has a been gradual improvement in the proportion of Māori youth in education, employment or training, but no significant change for the other updated measure (the number of co-governance/co-management arrangements).

We are expecting new/updated data for two measures in the next six months (whānau wellbeing and Te reo Māori). In particular, the whānau wellbeing measure will provide an improved understanding of the Māori Identity and Wellbeing outcome.

Three yearly progress report

The Three Yearly Progress Report provides a more detailed analysis of trends for this outcome, drawing on a range of other reports and data sets.

The 2020 Three Yearly progress report indicates that we are making positive progress in Māori employment, income and wages, Māori youth participation and achievement in mainstream education, and the size of Māori asset base. However, there are still challenges around Māori home ownership, Māori te reo proficiency, and connections to ancestral marae.

The report identified some opportunities for greater progress that are important to the future of this outcome:

  • Supporting community connection and resilience
  • Improving physical activity and mental health
  • Supporting communities of greatest need.

A full discussion of these findings can be found in the Māori Identity and Wellbeing chapter of the Three Yearly Progress Report

Note: These monitoring reports do not capture the impacts of Covid-19.  For the most recent data available for Auckland (for example on the economic impacts of Covid-19) go to Auckland Council's Research and Evaluation Unit website in the 'new on Knowledge Auckland' section.

Measure 1: Whānau wellbeing

​Measure 2: Māori in employment, education and training

​Measure 3: Māori decision making

​Measure 4: te reo Māori across Tāmaki Makaurau