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Auckland Council The Auckland Plan

Transport and Access progress

We know we have achieved this outcome when Aucklanders will be able to get where they want to go more easily, safely and sustainably.

Annual scorecard

The annual scorecard tracks progress against this outcome through the following measures:

Measure 1: Access to jobs

Measure 2: Delay from congestion

Measure 3: Use of public transport, walking and cycling

Measure 4: Household transport costs

Measure 5: Deaths and injuries from transport network

The 2020 annual scorecard shows that both public transport and cycling numbers indicate an increasing positive trend. There is no significant change to congestion levels or transport costs as a percentage of household income. Serious injuries remain a concern with increased numbers over the last decade.

Three yearly progress report 

The Three Yearly Progress Report provides a more detailed analysis of trends for this outcome, drawing on a range of other reports and data sets.

The 2020 Three Yearly progress report indicates that we have made positive progress in our perceptions of accessibility and use of public transport with increases in the numbers of boardings on bus, rail and ferry and increases in cycling counts.

The report identified some opportunities for greater progress that are important to the future of this outcome:

  • Responding to climate change through transport
  • Ensuring equity in access to transport
  • Improving safety on the transport network

A full discussion of these findings can be found in the Transport and Access chapter of the Three Yearly Progress report.

Note: These monitoring reports do not capture the impacts of Covid-19. For the most recent data available for Auckland (for example on the economic impacts of Covid-19) go to Auckland Council's Research and Evaluation Unit website in the ‘new on Knowledge Auckland’ section.

Measure 1: Access to jobs

​Measure 2: Congestion

​Measure 3: Use of public transport, walking and cycling

​Measure 4: Household transport costs

​Measure 5: Transport network safety