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Auckland Council The Auckland Plan

Focus area 4: Invest in and support Māori to meet their specific housing aspirations

​Like all Aucklanders, Māori want to live in warm and secure homes. They want their homes to support the way they live and the activities they associate with a prosperous quality of life, especially education and employment. Connectivity in terms of transport and communications are equally as important.

Their homes must support the ability to extend manaakitanga (hospitality) and strengthen whanaungatanga (relationship, kinship).

 A sketch showing a vibrant Auckland with a strong Māori identity.  It includes a waka in the Auckland harbour.

Many Māori in Auckland live in homes that do not meet these aspirations very effectively. Housing choices can be limited by:

  • employment options and income
  • access to savings and inter-generational equity
  • not being able to access services, support, and bank lending on an equitable basis.

How this can be done

Māori have experienced particular housing stresses over many years. Housing-related services therefore need to be responsive and innovative in meeting Māori needs.

Interventions could include:

  • ensuring Māori have access to affordable housing initiatives
  • leveraging off the work that the community housing sector is already doing to create increased options and opportunities for housing for Māori
  • ensuring regulatory and consenting processes are effective and responsive to Māori developers and iwi organisations
  • tapping into the potential of Māori commercial enterprises from across New Zealand, some of which are already playing a key role in delivering housing.