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Ka pēhea te pātahi o te tahua 2021 – 2031 i ō rēti

How the 2021-2031 budget will affect your rates

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About the changes to property rates

The 10-year Budget 2018-2028 included average general rates increases for existing ratepayers of 3.5 per cent in each year from 2021.

For 2021/2022, there will be a one-off increase of 5 per cent to help support the investment Auckland needs. This is planned to reduce to 3.5 per cent from 2022/2023 onwards.

See Changes in property rates for a full list of changes to property rates this year. This page is updated in July each year when our annual budget is adopted.

Waste management

To ensure cost recovery of our waste activity there will be a small increase to the base waste management rate.

To recover the cost increases as a result of the rise in the Government levy on waste sent to landfill we are increasing the waste management standard refuse and large refuse rates that fund kerbside refuse collection in the former Auckland City Council and Manukau City Council areas.

The prices for rubbish bin tags and rubbish bags for the council's kerbside collection in the remainder of the city will rise by an equivalent amount.

Water quality

We are also increasing our investment in improving the quality of water in Auckland harbours and waterways by raising the Water Quality Targeted Rate each year in line with the projected overall increases in average general rates.

See Section 3.0 of Volume 2 (PDF 27.7MB) for more detail.

Water supply

Watercare is also raising its prices to fund investment in enhancing water supply security. See the Watercare website for more information.

Business and residential rates

We consider that business rates are too high compared to residential rates and we have an existing policy to address this.

This policy will mean the average increase in rates for residential ratepayers will be slightly higher at 5.33 per cent, and the average increase in rates for business ratepayers will be slightly lower at 3.53 per cent.

The overall increases for the average value residential and business properties are $150 and $587 respectively.

You should know

This is a highlight of the information in the 10-year Budget 2021-2031. See section 3 of the 10-year Budget 2021-2031 (Our Recovery Budget) - Volume 2 document for complete information about changes to rates.

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