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Parks and community

Auckland has a significant network of parks, libraries, swimming pools, recreation centres, arts and culture facilities and other community spaces. We build and maintain these facilities and provide a wide range of activities and events to communities. We also work to maintain coastal assets and prevent beach erosion. We support a number of co-governance entities, including Tūpuna Maunga o Tāmaki Makaurau Authority.

Key areas of spend

  • Capital spend: $5,561 million
  • Operating spend: $10,176 million
  • Rates value per $100: $33

How operating costs are funded

  • Other, including fees and charges: 10%
  • Rates: 90%

The challenges


Community facilities are not typically an enabler of growth but tend to be built as the community grows and expects a wider range of services.

The ongoing growth of Auckland is creating more demand.

Ageing assets

We have approximately $4.7 billion of buildings and built assets across our network. Many of these are ageing and use of them is declining.

Maintaining the full network of these facilities is not financially sustainable.

Changing needs

Auckland’s communities are not only growing but those communities, and their needs, are becoming more diverse.

Climate change

Our parks network has an important part to play in the mitigation of emissions from other activities.

We need to make sure that the way we manage our parks promotes the best climate outcomes.

Our plan

Focus areas for growth

We are focusing our support for growth into a few key areas.

Our expenditure on new community facilities, as well as some renewal expenditure, will support that approach, as outlined in Section 1.2 of the 10-year Budget 2021-2031 (Our Recovery Budget) - Volume 1 (PDF 10.6MB).

Changing delivery

We are planning alternative ways of delivering services, through partnerships and digital channels and multi-use facilities that are less dependent on having a large number of community assets.

Additional investment in the short term

An additional $65 million has been provided over the first three years to address the highest priorities for community services and facilities.

This safeguards our facilities from asset failure and supports high priority growth projects.

Divesting ageing assets in the long term

Over time we will divest aging community assets that are not fit for purpose and reinvest in services and facilities that better meet the needs of our communities.

Increased plantings in regional parks

A key action in our climate change package is the planting of 200ha of native forest in our regional parks.

Implementing the change in service delivery

We will pilot the change in delivery approach with more online services and working in partnership with others, in the first three years of this 10-year budget.

While the delivery mechanism may be different there are no planned changes to levels of service.

You should know

This is a high level snapshot of what we will be delivering under each of our activity themes. See section 2 of the 10-year Budget 2021-2031 (Our Recovery Budget) - Volume 2 for more detail on these activities.

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