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The 10-year budget 2018-2028 decision making process

We began the 10-year budget 2018-2028 (also known as the Long-term Plan) process in August 2017.

The 10-year budget 2018-2028 decision-making process

On 31 May 2018 the council met to decide on the content of the final budget.

We made these key decisions during that meeting:

  • To introduce a regional fuel tax of 10 cents per litre (plus GST) to pay for transport infrastructure.

  • To clean up Auckland's waterways and beaches with increases investment of $452 million in stormwater infrastructure through a water quality targeted rate.

  • To introduce a natural environment targeted rate to raise $311 million to fund pest and disease control.

  • To increase general rates by 2.5 per cent for the first two years of the budget, and 3.5 per cent for the remaining years of the budget.

  • To apply business rates and the accommodation provider targeted rate to properties rented short-term via sites like Airbnb or bookabach depending on the number of nights booked and other factors.

  • To disestablish Auckland Council Investments Limited.

  • To establish a $120 million sports and recreation facilities investment fund.

  • To establish a $40 million climate change response find.

  • To add $90 million capex funding for costal asset management.

  • To invest $5 million creating the Western Initiative  to increase employment and life skills for young Aucklanders.

The full meeting agendas including all details about these key decisions are available online at Infocouncil.

You can also read more about the Regional Fuel Tax and Mayoral Proposal .

Public consultation

We ran two public consultations during this process.

The first consultation occurred between 28 February – 28 March 2018. It asked questions about how we fund the budgets for transport and the environment, along with details on rates and other matters.

We received feedback across three broad channels – written, in-person and digital.

In summary, for both the 10-year budget and Auckland Plan:

  • we received 26,556 written submissions.

  • 5374 people attended about 100 Have Your Say events and community events. These events included an event for Mana Whenua, four Māori events and one for regional stakeholders.

  • Twitter and Facebook raised 114 feedback points.

The second consultation ran from 1-14 May 2018. This consultation was specifically transport related and asked for feedback on the proposed Regional Fuel Tax. This included feedback on the importance of the projects that would be funded by the proposed tax, which were unavailable during the first consultation in March 2018. 

It also asked about Auckland Transport's Draft Regional Land Transport Plan.

In summary:

  • we received 17,223 written submissions

  • 93 people attended five Have Your Say and community events.

  • 231 comments came through Twitter and Facebook.

The results of these consultations were provided to the mayor and councillors as part of the decision-making process.

To read the summarised feedback reports or your submission, please click here.

Producing the final 10-year budget document

Between 5 – 7 June 2018, our local boards met to adopt their local board agreements for 2018/2019.

We produced the final 10-year budget document based on decisions by local boards and elected members. It will be audited by Audit NZ and then presented to the governing body on 28 June 2018 for adoption.

This meeting will be live-streamed on Council Live.

If you have any questions relating to the 10-year budget 2018-2028, please email the Long-term Plan Team.

Get a copy of The 10-year budget 2018-2028 road map

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