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Auckland Council

Governance and support

What the budget will deliver

  • Mayor, councillor and local board support and meeting processes.
  • Corporate functions such as finance, legal, communications and human resources. 
  • Auckland Council Investments Ltd, including Ports of Auckland.
  • Grants to Auckland War Memorial Museum, MoTAT and the Auckland Regional Facilities and Amenities.

How we measure success

  • By reducing corporate costs through an ongoing efficiency programme to achieve annual savings of $309 million by 2025.
  • Deliver return on equity, of between 7 and 13.5 per cent annually, on major investments.
Capital spend 2015-2025 Operating spend 2015-2025 How we fund this How much of each $100 of
rates was spent
$1.3 billion $4.2 billion 16% from rates
84% from other