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Auckland Council

Parks, community and lifestyle

What the budget will deliver

  • Regional and local parks.
  • Libraries, community facilities, community services and grants.
  • Arts and cultural facilities, activities and community events.
  • Swimming pools and recreation centres.
  • Housing for older adults.

How we measure success

  • Maintain and increase overall service levels for our local and regional parks to continue to enjoy high visitor numbers.
  • Significant investment in sportsfields to improve satisfaction of the provision and quality by 15 per cent.
  • By 2025, 25 per cent of all library collection lending will be e-collections.
  • Improve use of community facilities by at least 2 per cent.


​Capital spend 2015-2025​Operating spend 2015-2025​How we fund this​How much of each $100 of rates was spent
​$2.4 billion​$6.3 billion​85% from rates
15% from other