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​What the budget will deliver

  • Building and maintaining all local and main arterial roads.
  • Footpaths, cycle paths, bridges, car parks, culverts, etc.
  • Providing public transport services – trains, buses, ferries.
  • Invest in rail, bus and ferry infrastructure.
  • Transport safety, education and enforcement.
  • Key infrastructure projects, including City Rail Link and AMETI.
  • An accelerated transport programme, which includes an additional $523 million capital expenditure over the first three years, funded by the interim transport levy.

How we measure success

  • By 2025, increase public transport boardings to 111 million per year, and improve punctuality to 95 per cent and customer satisfaction to 85 per cent.
  • City Rail Link will increase boardings by an additional 6 million trips per year.
  • Maintain optimum travel time on at least 85 per cent of key freight routes.
  • Grow annual number of cycling trips on Auckland Transport's designated routes to 4.3 million per year.
​Capital spend 2015-2025​Operating spend 2015-2025​How we fund this​How much of each $100 of rates was spent
​$7.9 billion​$14.4 billion​54% from rates
46% from other


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