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Auckland Council

Water supply and wastewater

Tukunga wai me te waipara

What the budget will deliver

  • Building and maintaining the network of pipes, dams, treatment plants, pumps required to provide a high standard of drinking water and treating sewerage.
  • Major projects over the next 10 years are the central interceptor and the consent application for further water take from the Waikato River to cater for Auckland's future growth.

How we measure success

  • Maintain 100 per cent compliance with drinking-water standards for New Zealand.
  • Fewer than 10 sewage system overflows per 1000 connections in dry weather conditions.
  • Deliver major projects such as the Central Interceptor wastewater project to reduce sewerage overflows and the Waikato second water supply pipeline to cater for future water demands.
​Capital spend 2015-2025​Operating spend 2015-2025​How we fund this​How much of each $100 of rates was spent
​$4.7 billion​$6.6 billion​0% from rates
100% from other