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Auckland Council

Parks, recreation and community assets

Ngā rawa ā-papa rēhia, ā-wāhi whakatā, ā-hapori

A key part of our role is the provision of sport, recreational and community facilities.

What we will provide

We are providing funding in this budget to partner with community groups on increasing provision of indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

This contestable fund of $120 million will enable us to use external funding to build these facilities to meet the needs of our growing population and their changing preferences.

We will also be continuing to develop our network of swimming pools, recreation and leisure centres.

Local community projects

As part of this 10-year budget, each of our 21 local boards has identified a project that they believe to be the most important for their local community.

Some of these projects are transport related and are therefore funded through the transport budget.

Others are funded through existing regional budgets, but the remainder (worth $170 million) are projects focused on local communities.

These projects include:

  • major park developments
  • indoor court facilities
  • town centre/precinct developments
  • beach erosion works
  • sustainability initiatives.