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Isthmus district planning maps street index

Abbey Street - map c07 Abbey Street - map c08 Abbotts Way - map e12 Abbotts Way - map e13 Aberfoyle Street - map e08 Abingdon Place - map b16 Abraham Place - map d14 Ace Place - map d07 Acton Place - map f04 Ada Street - map d10 Addison Street - map g03 Adelaide Street - map b08 Admiral Beatty Ave - map f06 Adrienne Place - map g09 Ahiriri Avenue - map f03 Airedale Street - map c08 Aitken Terrace - map d07 Akarana Avenue - map f07 Akaroa Street - map c09 Akepiro Street - map d07 Akiraho Street - map d08 Alamein Road - map f15 Alamein Terrace - map f05 Alana Place - map f12 Alanbrooke Cres - map f03 Alaunia Place - map h05 Alba Road - map f09 Albany Road - map b06 Alberon Place - map c10 Alberon Street - map c10 Albert Street, City - map b08 Albert Street, Otahuhu - map i14 Alberta Street - map d04 Alberton Avenue - map e05 Alberton Avenue - map e06 Albion Road - map i14 Albrecht Avenue - map h06 Albrecht Avenue - map h07 Albury Avenue - map d09 Alcock Street - map f13 Alderley Road - map d07 Aldersgate Road - map h07 Aldred Road - map d10 Aldred Road - map d11 Alexander Street, Kingsland - map d07 Alexander Street, Otahuhu - map j14 Alex Boyd Link - map h07 Alex Evans Street - map c08 Alexis Avenue - map e05 Alford Street - map d03 Alford Street - map d04 Alfred Street, City - map b09 Alfred Street, Onehunga - map g10 Alfred Street, Onehunga - map h10 Aliford Avenue - map f11 Allen Road, Grey Lynn - map c06 Allen Road, Mt Wellington - map f13 Allenby Road - map f15 Allen Johnston Pl - map d13 Allendale Rise - map e05 Allendale Road - map e05 Allison Street - map f05 Allison Street - map g05 Allright Place - map g14 Allum Street - map c14 Alma Street - map c09 Almond Place - map f13 Almorah Place - map d09 Almorah Road - map d09 Alpers Avenue - map d09 Alten Road - map b09 Altham Avenue - map d06 Altham Avenue - map d07 Alverston Street - map d03 Alverston Street - map d04 Amandale Ave - map d05 Amaru Road - map g10 Amazon Parade - map g05 Ambrose Street - map d05 Ambury Avenue - map g09 Amiria Street - map b07 Amsterdam Place - map g03 Amy Street - map f12 Anderson Avenue - map e15 Anderson Avenue - map e16 Andes Place - map h05 Angle Street - map h11 Anglesea Street - map c07 Anita Avenue - map g06 Anita Avenue - map h06 Annan Street - map b06 Anson Place - map d14 Anzac Avenue - map b09 Aorere Street - map c09 Aotea Square - map c08 Aotea Street - map b13 Aotea Street - map c13 Apihai Street - map c12 Apirana Avenue - map d14 Apirana Avenue - map d15 Apirana Avenue - map d15 Appleyard Crescent - map d13 Ara Street - map d11 Arabi Street - map e06 Arabi Street - map e07 Aragon Avenue - map d16 Aramutu Road - map g08 Aranui Road - map g12 Aranui Road - map g13 Arapuni Avenue - map g10 Aratonga Avenue - map e10 Arawa Street North - map c08 Arawa Street South - map c08 Arcadia Road - map f09 Archdall Street - map d13 Ardmore Road - map b06 Argyle Street, Herne Bay - map b06 Argyle Street, Morningside - map d06 Ariki Street - map c07 Arlington Street - map d04 Armadale Road - map e10 Armagh Road - map h03 Armein Road - map f15 Armein Road - map f16 Arney Crescent - map d10 Arney Road - map d10 Arnold Street - map c06 Aroha Avenue - map d06 Aroha Avenue - map e06 Arran Street - map f03 Arron Street - map f12 Arthur Street, Ellerslie - map f12 Arthur Street, Freemans Bay - map b07 Arthur Street, Onehunga - map h09 Arthur Street, Onehunga - map h10 Arthur Brown Place - map g14 Arundel Street - map g07 Ascania Place - map h05 Ascot Avenue - map e11 Ash Street - map f02 Ash Street - map f03 Ashby Avenue - map c15 Ashby Avenue - map d15 Ashton Road - map e08 Ashwell Street - map d14 Aspen Street - map e03 Asquith Avenue - map d05 Asquith Avenue - map e05 Atanga Avenue - map f08 Atarangi Road - map f10 Athenic Avenue - map h05 Athens Road - map g10 Atherton Road - map f08 Athlone Road - map c16 Athol Place - map c14 Atkin Avenue - map b13 Atkin Avenue - map c13 Atkinson Avenue - map i14 Auburn Street - map c08 Auburn Street - map d08 Auckland Road - map c15 August Place - map f10 August Place - map f11 Augustus Terrace - map b09 Aumoe Avenue - map c14 Aurora Avenue - map f06 Autumn Place - map h12 Aveline Place - map d16 Avenham Walk - map d08 Avenue Road - map i14 Avenue Road East - map i15 Averill Avenue - map b14 Averill Avenue - map c14 Avon Lane - map c10 Avon Street - map c10 Avondale Road - map e02 Awa Street - map j13 Awarua Crescent - map c12 Awatea Road - map c10 Ayr Street - map c10 Anita Avenue - map g06 Anita Avenue - map h06 Annan Street - map b06 Anson Place - map d14 Anzac Avenue - map b09 Aorere Street - map c09 Aotea Square - map c08 Aotea Street - map b13 Aotea Street - map c13 Apihai Street - map c12 Apirana Avenue - map d14 Apirana Avenue - map d15 Apirana Avenue - map e15 Appleyard Crescent - map d13 Ara Street - map d11 Arabi Street - map e06 Arabi Street - map e07 Aragon Avenue - map d16 Aramutu Road - map g08 Aranui Road - map g12 Aranui Road - map g13 Arapuni Avenue - map g10 Aratonga Avenue - map e10 Arawa Street North - map c08 Arawa Street South - map c08 Arcadia Road - map f09 Archdall Street - map d13 Ardmore Road - map b06 Argyle Street, Herne Bay - map b06 Argyle Street, Morningside - map d06 Ariki Street - map c07 Arlington Street - map d04 Armadale Road - map e10 Armagh Road - map h03 Armein Road - map f15 Armein Road - map f16 Arney Crescent - map d10 Arney Road - map d10 Arnold Street - map c06 Aroha Avenue - map d06 Aroha Avenue - map e06 Arran Street - map f03 Arron Street - map f12 Arthur Street, Ellerslie - map f12 Arthur Street, Freemans Bay - map b07 Arthur Street, Onehunga - map h09 Arthur Street, Onehunga - map h10 Arthur Brown Place - map g14 Arundel Street - map g07 Ascania Place - map h05 Ascot Avenue - map e11 Ash Street - map f02 Ash Street - map f03 Ashby Avenue - map c15 Ashby Avenue - map d15 Ashton Road - map e08 Ashwell Street - map d14 Aspen Street - map e03 Asquith Avenue - map d05 Asquith Avenue - map e05 Atanga Avenue - map f08 Atarangi Road - map f10 Athenic Avenue - map h05 Athens Road - map g10 Atherton Road - map f08 Athlone Road - map c16 Athol Place - map c14 Atkin Avenue - map b13 Atkin Avenue - map c13 Atkinson Avenue - map i14 Auburn Street - map c08 Auburn Street - map d08 Auckland Road - map c15 August Place - map f10 August Place - map f11 Augustus Terrace - map b09 Aumoe Avenue - map c14 Aurora Avenue - map f06 Autumn Place - map h12 Aveline Place - map d16 Avenham Walk - map d08 Avenue Road - map i14 Avenue Road East - map i15 Averill Avenue - map b14 Averill Avenue - map c14 Avon Lane - map c10 Avon Street - map c10 Avondale Road - map e02 Awa Street - map j13 Awarua Crescent - map c12 Awatea Road - map c10 Ayr Street - map c10 Baddeley Avenue - map c14 Baden - Powell Place - map e12 Bagley Street - map h08 Bagnall Avenue - map e15 Baildon Road - map c06 Bailey Road - map c13 Baker Place - map g09 Baldwin Avenue - map d05 Baldwin Street - map j14 Baleden Lane - map e07 Balfour Road - map b10 Balfron Avenue - map g06 Ball Place - map g05 Ballarat Street - map f12 Ballarat Street - map f13 Ballarat Street - map e13 Ballin Street - map f12 Balm Street - map d09 Balmoral Road - map e06 Balmoral Road - map e07 Balmoral Road - map e08 Bamfield Place - map h08 Bamford Place - map e03 Banff Avenue - map f09 Bangor Street - map c04 Bank Street - map e08 Banks Road - map f13 Bankside Street - map b09 Bannerman Road - map d06 Bannister Place - map g05 Bannockburn Place - map d15 Barclay Avenue - map f07 Bardia Road - map f15 Bardsey Street - map c16 Barkes Place - map g05 Barnett Crescent - map d08 Barrack Road - map f13 Barrack Road - map f14 Barrack Road - map g13 Barrhead Place - map f04 Barrie Street - map c07 Barrington Road - map c06 Barrister Avenue - map g07 Barrymore Road - map f05 Barton Street - map h03 Barton Street East - map h03 Basin View Lane - map f15 Basque Road - map c08 Bass Road - map f13 Bassant Avenue - map g11 Bassett Road - map c10 Bassett Road - map d10 Batger Road - map d08 Bath Street - map b09 Bath Street - map c09 Batkin Road - map f04 Batkin Road - map f05 Battersby Avenue - map g05 Baxter Street - map g07 Bay Road - map c15 Bay Road - map c16 Bayard Street - map b07 Bayfield Road - map b06 Beach Road - map b09 Beachcroft Ave - map h08 Beachcroft Ave - map h09 Beaconsfield Street - map c07 Beagle Avenue - map f06 Bean Place - map g13 Beasley Avenue - map g12 Beasley Avenue - map h12 Beatrice Road - map d10 Beatrix Street - map e03 Beatty Street - map j14 Beaumont Street - map b07 Beaumont Street - map b08 Beckenham Avenue - map g09 Beckett Way - map h06 Beckham Place - map c08 Bedford Street - map b09 Bedford Street - map c09 Beere Place - map d13 Begbie Place - map e06 Bel Air Drive - map g08 Bel Air Drive - map h08 Belcher Street - map f05 Belfast Street - map h08 Bell Avenue - map h13 Bell Road - map d10 Bella Vista Road - map b05 Bella Vista Road - map b06 Bellamy Place - map g03 Bellevue Road - map d07 Bellevue Road - map d08 Bellgrove Place - map e02 Bellgrove Place - map f02 Bellgrove Place - map f03 Bellona Road - map f15 Bellwood Avenue - map d07 Belmont Terrace - map d09 Belvedere Street - map e09 Benbow Street - map c15 Benfield Avenue - map e04 Benfield Avenue - map e05 Ben James Drive - map h07 Benghazi Road - map f15 Bennett Street - map e05 Benson Road - map d11 Benson Road - map d12 Bentleigh Avenue - map f04 Benville Place - map g08 Beresford Street - map c07 Beresford Street - map c08 Bermuda Road - map d15 Bernard Street - map h15 Berowald Place - map c14 Berridge Avenue - map d04 Bertrand Road - map f13 Bertrand Road - map f14 Berwick Street - map c15 Betts Avenue - map f05 Bingley Avenue - map f08 Birdwood Crescent - map c09 Birdwood Crescent - map c10 Bishop Street - map f09 Blackett Crescent - map d13 Blake Street - map b07 Blakey Street - map g10 Blockhouse Bay Road - map e04 Blockhouse Bay Road - map f04 Blockhouse Bay Road - map g04 Blockhouse Bay Road - map h04 Bloomfield Place - map e09 Bluff Terrace - map h08 Boakes Road - map f13 Boardman Lane - map c08 Bollard Avenue - map f04 Bolton Street - map g03 Bolton Street - map g04 Bond Place - map h10 Bond Street - map d07 Bongard Road - map c13 Bonnie Brae Road - map d12 Boscawen Street - map c04 Boston Road - map d08 Botha Road - map g11 Boundary Road - map g05 Boundary Road - map h05 Bourke Street - map d09 Bourne Street - map d08 Bournemouth Avenue - map e06 Bow Place - map g11 Bowden Road - map g14 Bowen Avenue - map b09 Bowen Lane - map b09 Bowling Avenue - map f08 Bowling Avenue - map f09 Boyce Avenue - map g05 Boyce Avenue - map g06 Boyd Avenue - map g09 Boylan Street - map b07 Boyle Crescent - map c09 Brabham Place - map g04 Bracken Avenue - map e09 Bradford Street - map b09 Bradford Street - map c09 Bradley Lane - map e15 Bradnor Lane - map b08 Brady Road - map i15 Braemar Terrace - map e05 Bramwell Place - map f08 Bremner Avenue - map f07 Bremner Avenue - map g07 Brenton Place - map c12 Brentwood Avenue - map d07 Brentwood Avenue - map d08 Brewster Avenue - map d06 Bridge Street, Grafton - map c08 Bridge Street, Panmure - map g15 Bridgewater Road - map b10 Bridgewater Road - map c10 Bridgman Avenue - map f07 Brigham Street - map a07 Brigham Street - map b07 Bright Street - map c07 Bright Street - map d07 Brighton Road - map c10 Brightside Road - map d09 Brightside Road - map e09 Brilliant Street - map c15 Brisbane Street - map c07 Bristol Road - map g07 Britomart Place - map b09 Britton Avenue - map g07 Brixton Road - map e07 Broadway - map d09 Bromley Place - map d15 Brookfield Avenue - map g09 Brookfield Avenue - map g10 Brookfield Street - map c15 Brookland Place - map d11 Brothers Street - map f05 Brown Street - map c07 Browning Street - map c06 Bryant Place - map c16 Brydon Place - map f04 Buccaneer Street - map f05 Buchanan Street - map d07 Buckley Road - map f08 Buckley Road - map g08 Budgen Street - map h06 Budock Road - map g08 Buller Street - map b06 Bullock Track - map c06 Bungalow Avenue - map c04 Burch Street - map d05 Burch Street - map e05 Burgoyne Street - map c07 Burleigh Street - map d08 Burnett Ave - map g06 Burnley Terrace - map d07 Burns Street - map c07 Burnsall Place - map e02 Burnside Avenue - map d05 Burrett Avenue - map g11 Burrows Avenue - map c10 Burt Road - map f13 Burton Street - map c08 Burwood Crescent - map c11 Busby Street - map g03 Buttle Street - map d10 Buxton Street - map c04 Cadman Avenue, One Tree Hill - map f11 Cadman Avenue, Waterview - map e04 Caen Road - map f15 Cain Road - map g12 Calder Place - map d17 Caledonian Place - map h03 Calgary Street - map e06 Calgary Street - map e07 Calgary Street - map f07 Caliban Place - map d15 California Place - map d17 Calvin Place - map e02 Cambourne Road - map e07 Cambrai Avenue - map f06 Cambrai Avenue - map f07 Camden Road - map e06 Camellia Place - map g07 Cameron Street, Onehunga - map g10 Cameron Street, St Marys Bay - map b07 Camerton Road - map c09 Camp Road - map i14 Campbell Crescent - map e09 Campbell Road - map f10 Campbell Road - map f11 Campbell Road - map g09 Campbell Road - map g10 Canada Street - map c08 Canal Road - map e03 Canal Road - map f02 Canal Road - map f03 Canberra Ave - map h05 Canterbury Place - map c10 Canterbury Park Lane - map f11 Cape Horn Road - map h06 Cape Horn Road - map i06 Captain Springs Road - map g11 Captain Springs Road - map h11 Carbine Road - map g14 Carbine Road - map h14 Cardigan Street - map d06 Cardinal Place - map c15 Cardwell Street - map g10 Cargill Street - map c08 Carlaw Park Avenue - map b09 Carlaw Park Avenue - map c09 Carlisle Street - map c16 Carlton Street - map h08 Carlton Gore Road - map c08 Carlton Gore Road - map c09 Carmen Avenue - map e07 Carmont Place - map h14 Carmont Street - map e11 Carnarvon Avenue - map c16 Caroline Street - map b07 Caronia Crescent - map h05 Carr Road - map g07 Carr Road - map g08 Carrick Place - map d07 Carrie Street - map e06 Carrington Road - map d04 Carrington Road - map e04 Carrington Road - map e05 Carrs Place - map f12 Cascade Street - map b07 Cassino Terrace - map f05 Castle Drive - map d09 Castle Street - map c06 Castledine Crescent - map d14 Castledine Crescent - map d15 Castlewood Grove - map g03 Cathedral Place - map c10 Catherine Street - map h09 Catton Cres - map h06 Caughey Place - map d05 Caulton Street - map d14 Cawley Street - map f12 Cebalo Place - map f13 Cecil Road - map e08 Cedar Road - map f08 Celtic Crescent - map e12 Cenotaph Road - map d09 Central Road - map d07 Centre Street - map b08 Challenger Street - map c15 Challinor Crescent - map d05 Chalmers Street - map f03 Chalmers Street - map f04 Chamberlain Street - map c07 Chancery Street - map b09 Chandler Avenue - map g09 Chapman Street - map c07 Charann Place - map e02 Charles Street - map d07 Charles Fox Place - map e13 Charlotte Street - map c08 Charlotte Street - map d08 Charlton Avenue - map d08 Chatfield Avenue - map i15 Chatfield Place - map d11 Chatham Avenue - map d05 Chaucer Place - map g03 Cheeseman Place - map d13 Chelmsford Avenue - map c16 Chelmsford Avenue - map c17 Chelsea Avenue - map j13 Cheshire Street - map c09 Chester Avenue - map c05 Chester Avenue - map c06 Chesterfield Avenue - map c16 Cheverton Place - map c14 Cheverton Place - map d14 Chiltern Crescent - map d15 Chiltern Crescent - map d16 Christie Street - map g06 Christini Street - map f05 Church Crescent - map f15 Church Crescent - map g15 Church Street, Onehunga - map h09 Church Street, Onehunga - map h10 Church Street, Onehunga - map h11 Church Street, Onehunga - map h12 Church Street, Penrose - map i14 Church Street, Penrose - map j14 Churches Avenue - map f07 Churchill Street - map b09 Churton Street - map b09 Cintra Place - map d05 City Road - map c08 Clairville Crescent - map d16 Clare Place - map f13 Claremont Street - map c08 Claremont Street - map c09 Clarence Street - map b07 Clarendon Road - map b15 Clarke Road - map g09 Clarke Road - map g10 Claude Road - map f09 Claybrook Road - map c10 Clayton Street - map c09 Cleary Road - map f14 Cleghorn Avenue - map f07 Cleland Crescent - map g04 Clements Street - map j14 Clemow Drive - map h14 Cleveland Road - map c10 Cliff Avenue - map b15 Cliff Road - map b15 Cliff Road - map b16 Clifford Road - map d06 Clifton Court - map f14 Clifton Court - map f15 Clifton Lane - map f14 Clifton Lane - map f15 Clifton Road, Herne Bay - map b06 Clifton Road, Waikowhai - map h07 Clinker Street - map g07 Clive Road - map d08 Clonbern Road - map e10 Clonbern Road - map e11 Clouston Street - map c17 Clovernook Road - map d09 Clyde Street - map d09 Coates Avenue - map c12 Coates Crescent - map f15 Cobden Street - map c08 Cockburn Street - map c06 Codrington Crescent - map c13 Colchester Avenue - map c16 Coldham Crescent - map e13 Colegrave Place - map d15 Coleman Avenue - map g06 Colenso Place - map c13 Coleridge Street - map c06 Coleridge Street - map c07 Coleridge Street - map d07 College Hill - map b07 College Road - map d14 College Road - map e13 College Road - map e14 Collingwood Street - map b07 Collingwood Street - map c07 Collins Street - map d06 Colonel Barton Glade - map d13 Colonel Nixon Street - map g10 Colorado Place - map e03 Columbia Road - map f06 Combes Road - map d11 Comins Crescent - map c13 Commerce Street - map b09 Commercial Road - map d07 Commissariat Road - map g13 Commodore Drive - map h05 Concord Place - map e16 Condliffe Place - map f04 Congreve Place - map g03 Connaught Street - map h03 Connell Street - map h03 Connolly Avenue - map f07 Connolly Avenue - map f08 Conrad Drive - map d12 Constitution Hill - map b09 Convamore Lane - map g14 Convoy Lane - map i15 Conway Road - map d07 Conway Road - map d08 Cook Street - map b08 Cooper Street - map d07 Copeland Street - map c07 Copperbeech Walk - map e02 Coppins Road - map i14 Copsey Place - map e02 Coral Crescent - map f15 Corbett - Scott Avenue - map e09 Cordelia Place - map f05 Corinth Street - map d12 Cormack Street - map g06 Cornwall Park Avenue - map e09 Cornwall Park Avenue - map e10 Cornwallis Street - map e06 Coronation Road - map f08 Coronet Place - map e02 Corunna Avenue - map c10 Costley Street - map b07 Cotswold Lane - map g12 Cotswold Lane - map g13 Cotter Avenue - map e11 Cotton Street - map d14 Couldry Street - map c08 Counsel Terrace - map e05 Court Crescent - map e15 Court Crescent - map f15 Courthouse Lane - map b08 Courtland Avenue - map d16 Cove Lane - map g14 Coventry Lane - map d09 Covic Avenue - map g03 Cowan Street - map b07 Cowell Place - map g10 Cowie Street - map c09 Cowley Street - map d04 Cox Street - map b06 Coyle Street - map e06 Cracroft Street, Otahuhu - map j14 Cracroft Street, Parnell - map c09 Cradock Street - map e04 Cranbrook Place - map c16 Crayford Street - map f03 Crayford Street - map f04 Crecy Place - map g04 Crecy Place - map h04 Cremorne Street - map b06 Crescent Road, One Tree Hill - map f09 Crescent Road, Parnell - map c10 Cricket Avenue - map d07 Criterion Street - map i14 Crocus Place - map d10 Cromwell Street - map d07 Cross Street - map c08 Crossfield Road - map c16 Crossfield Road - map d16 Crowhurst Street - map e09 Crown Lane - map d12 Crown Street - map g09 Crowther Street - map g03 Croydon Road - map e07 Croydon Road - map e08 Crudge Street - map g04 Cruickshank Crescent - map d13 Cruise Lane - map b09 Crummer Road - map c07 Culdaff Place - map h06 Cullen Avenue - map f06 Cullen Avenue - map g06 Cullwick Road - map b13 Cullwick Road - map c13 Cumberland Avenue - map c05 Curlew Bay Road - map j15 Curran Street - map b07 Currie Avenue - map g07 Currie Avenue - map g08 Currie Avenue - map h08 Curzon Street - map g10 Customs Street East - map b08 Customs Street East - map b09 Customs Street West - map b08 Dacre Street - map c08 Daldy Street - map b08 Dallas Place - map g05 Dally Terrace - map f07 Dalton Street - map e15 Dampier Street - map e02 Darby Street - map b08 Darwin Lane - map d12 Daventry Street - map d04 Davis Crescent - map c09 Davis Crescent - map d09 Day Street - map c08 Dean Street - map c07 Deas Place - map i14 Deborah Hatton Lane - map h14 Debron Avenue - map e12 Dedwood Terrace - map b07 Delemere Place - map d15 Dell Avenue - map d11 Delphine Close - map f05 DeLuen Street - map c04 Delwyn Lane - map e15 Dempsey Street - map d11 Denbigh Avenue - map g06 Denbigh Avenue - map g07 Denby Street - map c09 Denize Road - map f05 Denning Place - map f13 Denny Avenue - map f06 Derby Downs Place - map e12 Derna Road - map f15 Derry Street - map e11 Derwent Street - map d06 Devon Street - map c08 Devore Street - map c15 Dexter Avenue - map e07 Diamond Street - map c08 Dickens Street - map c07 Dickey Street - map f05 Dignan Street - map c04 Dilworth Avenue - map d10 Dilworth Terrace - map b09 Dinglebank Road - map f13 Dingle Road - map c15 Disraeli Street - map e08 Dock Street - map b08 Domain Drive - map c09 Domain Road - map f15 Domett Avenue - map e09 Dominion Road - map d07 Dominion Road - map e07 Dominion Road - map f07 Dominion Road - map g07 Dominion Road - map g06 Dominion Road Ext - map h06 Donald Crescent - map f07 Don Croot Street - map d06 Donegal Street - map f03 Donnor Place - map g14 Donovan Street - map h04 Dorchester Street - map d13 Doreen Avenue - map d05 Dornwell Road - map g07 Dorset Street - map c05 Doug Goodwin Place - map g05 Douglas Avenue - map e05 Douglas Road - map e07 Douglas Road - map e08 Douglas Street - map c07 Dover Place - map d12 Drake Street - map b08 Drew Street - map h06 Dromorne Road - map e10 Dryden Place - map f13 Dryden Street - map c06 Duart Avenue - map e05 Dublin Street - map b07 Dudley Road - map c13 Duke Street - map f07 Duke Street - map f08 Dunbar Road - map e07 Duncan Avenue - map e06 Duncan Avenue - map f06 Duncan Maclean Link - map d06 Duncumb Street - map f07 Dundale Avenue - map g04 Dundale Avenue - map g05 Dundee Place - map g05 Dundonald Street - map c08 Dunedin Street - map b07 Dunholme Road - map d10 Dunkerron Avenue - map e10 Dunkirk Road - map f15 Dunkirk Road - map f16 Dunkirk Road - map e16 Dunkirk Terrace - map f05 Dunlop Lane - map f14 Dunlop Lane - map f15 Dunn Road - map f15 Durham Lane - map b08 Durham Street East - map b08 Durham Street West - map b08 D'Urville Heights - map d09 Eaglehurst Road - map f12 Earle Street - map b09 East Street - map c08 Eastbourne Road - map d10 Eastdale Road - map e03 Eastview Road - map d15 Eaton Road - map h07 Eden Crescent - map b09 Eden Street - map d09 Eden View Road - map f06 Edenvale Crescent - map d08 Edenvale Park Road - map d08 Edgars Road - map b06 Edgars Road - map c06 Edgerley Avenue - map d09 Edinburgh Street, Newton - map c08 Edinburgh Street, Penrose - map h11 Edison Place - map d14 Edith Street - map c04 Edmonton Avenue - map g11 Edmund Street - map c14 Edwards Road - map c06 Edwin Street - map d08 Eglinton Avenue - map e08 Eglon Street - map b09 Elam Street - map c10 Eldon Road - map e07 Eleanor Place - map h04 Elgar Street - map g09 Elgin Street - map c07 Elizabeth Street, Balmoral - map f09 Elizabeth Street, Freemans Bay - map b07 Elizabethan Gardens - map c15 Elizabethan Gardens - map d15 Elizabeth Knox Place - map e14 Ellerslie Panmure Hwy - map f12 Ellerslie Panmure Hwy - map f13 Ellerslie Panmure Hwy - map f14 Ellerslie Park Road - map f12 Ellerton Road - map e07 Ellerton Road - map e08 Elliott Street - map b08 Ellis Avenue - map g05 Elm Street - map f03 Elmstone Avenue - map e11 Elphinstone Avenue - map f06 Elstree Avenue - map d15 Elstree Avenue - map d16 Elstree Avenue - map e15 Elstree Avenue - map e16 Eltham Road - map b14 Elwood Place - map f12 Ely Avenue - map d10 Emerald Street - map f09 Emerson Street - map d15 Emily Place - map b09 Emmett Street - map b07 Empire Road - map f08 Empire Road - map f09 Endeavour Street - map h03 Endeavour Street - map h04 Enfield Street - map d08 England Street - map b07 Ennismore Road - map e04 Ennismore Road - map f04 Entrican Avenue - map e11 Epping Street - map d15 Epsom Avenue - map e08 Epsom Avenue - map e09 Epworth Avenue - map f09 Epworth Avenue - map g09 Eric Paton Way - map e14 Erima Avenue - map e15 Erin Street - map d09 Ernie Pinches Street - map f05 Erson Avenue - map g09 Esmeralda Avenue - map e02 Esperance Road - map d15 Esperance Road - map d16 Esplanade Road - map d08 Essex Road - map e08 Ethel Street - map d06 Ethel Street - map d07 Euston Road - map e06 Evandale Street - map d15 Evelyn Street - map c08 Evesham Avenue - map c16 Ewenson Avenue - map f11 Ewington Avenue - map d07 Exchange Lane - map b08 Exeter Road - map e06 Exler Place - map f04 Exminster Street - map g04 Exminster Street - map h04 Exmouth Street - map c08 Faber Avenue - map f13 Fairburn Road - map j14 Fairfax Avenue - map g11 Fairholme Avenue - map f09 Fairlands Avenue - map e03 Fairlands Avenue - map e04 Fairleigh Avenue - map e04 Fairsea Place - map h05 Fairview Road - map e08 Fairway Drive - map g06 Falcon Street - map c09 Falkirk Street - map g03 Fancourt Street - map d13 Fanshawe Street - map b08 Faraday Street - map b10 Farmhouse Lane - map d14 Farnham Street - map b09 Farnham Street - map b10 Farnol Street - map h08 Farrar Street - map c06 Farrelly Avenue - map f05 Farrelly Avenue - map f06 Farringdon Street - map d15 Faulder Avenue - map b05 Faulder Avenue - map c05 Fearon Avenue - map f07 Federal Street - map b08 Felix Street - map g11 Felton Mathew Ave - map d14 Felton Mathew Ave - map e14 Fenchurch Street - map d16 Fencible Place - map i15 Fenton Circus - map c12 Fenton Street - map d08 Ferguson Avenue - map f11 Fergusson Avenue - map e06 Fern Avenue - map f09 Fern Glen Road North - map c15 Fern Glen Road South - map c15 Ferncroft Street - map c08 Ferncroft Street - map c09 Ferndale Road - map f13 Ferner Avenue - map e05 Fernleigh Avenue - map g08 Fernleigh Avenue - map g09 Fernwood Place - map d16 Ferryhill Road - map g08 Ferryhill Road - map f08 Fickling Avenue - map g07 Fields Lane - map b09 Fife Street - map b05 Fife Street - map c05 Fife Street - map c06 Fifth Avenue - map d04 Fifth Avenue - map d05 Filgate Street - map h07 Filgate Street - map h08 Finch Street - map d06 Findlay Street - map f11 Findlay Street - map f12 Finn Place - map g15 Fir Street - map d03 Fir Street - map d04 Fir Street - map e04 First Avenue - map d06 First Avenue - map d07 Firth Road - map c06 Fisher Crescent - map h14 Fisher Crescent - map h15 Fisherton Street - map c06 Fitzgerald Road - map f13 Fitzgerald Road - map g13 Fitzroy Street - map c07 Flanders Street - map e15 Flavia Place - map h05 Fleet Street - map c08 Fleming Street - map h09 Fletcher Street - map f05 Florence Daly Place - map h07 Florida Place - map d15 Flower Street - map d08 Foch Avenue - map f06 Foch Avenue - map f07 Fontenoy Street - map d04 Fontenoy Street - map d05 Fonteyn Street - map e02 Football Road - map c09 Foote Street - map h08 Forbes Street - map g09 Forbes Street - map h09 Forfar Road - map c16 Formby Avenue - map c04 Formby Avenue - map d04 Fort Lane - map b08 Fort Lane - map b09 Fort Street - map b08 Fort Street - map b09 Fort Richard Road - map j14 Fourth Avenue - map d06 Fourth Avenue - map d07 Fowlds Avenue - map e06 Fowler Avenue - map e05 Fox Street - map b09 France Street South - map c08 Francis Street - map c06 Francis Curtis Avenue - map h04 Francis Ryan Close - map e05 Frank Grey Place - map i14 Frank Grey Place - map i15 Franklin Road - map b07 Franklin Road - map c07 Fraser Road - map f14 Fred Woodward Place - map g07 Frederick Street - map h08 Frederick Green Place - map g05 Freeland Avenue - map g06 Freemont Street - map c10 Freer Street - map g06 Fremlin Place - map e02 French Street - map b09 Freyberg Avenue - map f06 Freyberg Place - map b08 Frost Road - map g07 Fulljames Avenue - map f07 Furneaux Way - map d09 Fyvie Avenue - map f07 Gabador Place - map h14 Gabador Place - map h15 Galatea Terrace - map b06 Galatos Street - map c08 Galbraith Street - map f06 Galway Street, City - map b09 Galway Street, Onehunga - map g10 Galway Street, Onehunga - map h10 Gambia Place - map g11 Garden Place - map f07 Garden Road, Auckland Domain - map c09 Garden Road, Remuera - map e11 Gardner Road - map f09 Garfield Street - map c09 Garfield Street - map c10 Garland Road - map f11 Garnet Road - map b05 Garnet Road - map c05 Garrison Avenue - map g07 Garry Road - map e08 Garside Place - map g10 Gaunt Street - map b08 Gavin Street - map f12 Gavin Street - map g12 Gaynor Street - map g05 Gaynor Street - map g06 Geddes Terrace - map f03 Geneva Place - map g04 George Street, Kingsland - map d07 George Street, Parnell - map c09 George Terrace - map h09 George Bourke Drive - map h14 George Laurenson Lane - map h06 Georgina Street - map b07 Geraldine Place - map c14 Gerard Way - map d15 Gerrard Beeson Place - map h10 Gerbic Place - map h06 Gerrard Street - map g08 Gibraltar Crescent - map c09 Gifford Avenue - map f06 Gifford Lane - map f15 Gifford Street - map c15 Gilbert Avenue - map c06 Gilfillan Street - map h03 Gilfillan Street - map h04 Gilgit Road - map d09 Gill Crescent - map h04 Gilletta Road - map h04 Gilletta Road - map h05 Gillies Avenue - map d09 Gillies Avenue - map e09 Gillies Road - map i14 Gladstone Road - map b10 Gladstone Road - map c10 Gladwin Road - map f09 Glanville Terrace - map c10 Glasgow Terrace - map c09 Glass Road - map h06 Glenalmond Road - map e08 Glenalmond Road - map f08 Glenarm Avenue - map f06 Glenarm Avenue - map g06 Glen Atkinson Street - map d14 Glenbrook Street - map d11 Glendon Avenue - map e03 Glendowie Road - map b16 Glendowie Road - map c16 Glendowie Road - map c17 Glen Esk Place - map d10 Glenfell Place - map d08 Glenfell Place - map d09 Glenferrie Place - map f08 Glen Oaks - map c16 Glenside Crescent - map c08 Glenties Lane - map e12 Glentui Road - map f04 Glenveagh Drive - map h06 Gloucester Park Road - map h09 Glover Place - map b15 Glover Place - map b16 Glover Road - map b15 Glover Road - map b16 Glynn Street - map g06 Goad Crescent - map h07 Godden Crescent - map c13 Godfrey Place - map c14 Godwit Place - map h05 Goldie Street - map c15 Goldsmith Road - map f09 Goldstine Place - map f09 Golf Avenue - map j13 Golf Road - map f09 Gollan Road - map e14 Gollan Road - map f14 Goodall Street - map h07 Goodall Street - map h08 Goodland Street - map f09 Goodman Place - map h11 Gordon Road, Otahuhu - map i14 Gordon Road, St Lukes - map d06 Gore Street - map b09 Gore Street Lane - map b09 Goring Road - map e07 Gorrie Avenue - map f08 Gosport Place - map g10 Gothic Place - map h05 Gowing Drive - map d13 Gowing Drive - map d14 Grace Street - map c12 Grafton Bridge - map c08 Grafton Road - map c08 Grafton Road - map c09 Grafton Terrace - map c09 Graham Street - map b08 Graham Bell Avenue - map g05 Grahame Breed Drive - map g08 Grampian Road - map c14 Grampian Road - map d14 Granada Place - map c15 Grand Drive - map d13 Grand Drive - map e12 Grand Drive - map e13 Grande Avenue - map e05 Grandstand Road North - map c09 Grandstand Rd South - map c09 Grand View Road - map e11 Grange Road - map e07 Grange Road - map e08 Grant Street - map d05 Grantham Road - map c16 Grattan Place - map b07 Graysons Lane - map d08 Great North Road - map c06 Great North Road - map c07 Great North Road - map d04 Great North Road - map d05 Great North Road - map d06 Great North Road - map d07 Great North Road - map e03 Great North Road - map e04 Great North Road - map f02 Great North Road - map f03 Great South Road - map d09 Great South Road - map e10 Great South Road - map f11 Great South Road - map g11 Great South Road - map g12 Great South Road - map g13 Great South Road - map h13 Great South Road - map i13 Great South Road - map i14 Great South Road - map f11 Great South Road - map g12 Great South Road - map g13 Great South Road - map h13 Green Road - map f15 Green Street - map b07 Greenbank Drive - map d13 Greenfield Road - map f09 Greenlane East - map e11 Greenlane West - map e08 Greenlane West - map e09 Greenlane West - map f09 Greenlane West - map f10 Greenlane West - map e10 Greenpark Road - map f11 Greenpark Road - map g11 Greenville Avenue - map f06 Greenway Place - map d15 Gregory Place - map g07 Grey Street - map g09 Grey Street - map g10 Greys Avenue - map c08 Gribblehirst Road - map e07 Griffen Park Road - map g05 Griffen Park Road - map h05 Griffin Avenue - map e09 Grotto Street - map h10 Grotto Street - map h11 Grosvenor Street - map c07 Grove Road - map e06 Guardwell Terrace - map d05 Gudgeon Street - map b07 Guildford Place - map d16 Gundry Street - map c08 Gunson Road - map g13 Gunson Street - map b07 Gwilliam Place - map b07 Haast Street - map e12 Hackett Street - map b07 Hadfield Avenue - map e03 Hadfield Avenue - map e04 Haig Avenue - map f06 Haig Avenue - map f07 Hakanoa Street - map c06 Halesowen Avenue - map e06 Halesowen Avenue - map e07 Halford Place - map e15 Halifax Avenue - map e09 Hall Avenue - map i14 Hall Avenue - map j14 Hallam Street - map f05 Halleys Place - map h07 Halsey Drive - map h05 Halsey Street - map b08 Halston Road - map e07 Hamer Street - map a07 Hamer Street - map b08 Hames Terrace - map h07 Hamilton Road - map b06 Hamlin Road - map g13 Hamon Avenue - map f07 Hampstead Road - map e06 Hampton Drive - map c14 Hampton Drive - map d14 Hanene Street - map c14 Hannigan Drive - map e15 Hans Street - map j13 Hapimana Street - map b12 Hapimana Street - map b13 Hapua Street - map d10 Harapaki Road - map d13 Harbour Street - map b07 Harbour View Road - map c04 Harbour View Terrace - map h09 Harbutt Avenue - map e04 Harcourt Street - map c07 Harding Avenue - map f14 Hardinge Street - map b08 Hardington Street - map g10 Hardley Avenue - map f07 Hargest Terrace - map f05 Hargreaves Street - map b07 Harlow Place - map d15 Harlston Road - map e04 Harlston Road - map e05 Harlston Road - map f04 Harmony Avenue - map i15 Harmony Avenue - map j15 Harold Street - map d08 Haronui Road - map f11 Harris Road - map f13 Harrison Road - map f12 Harrison Road - map f13 Harrod Street - map f11 Harry Human Heights - map d13 Hartland Avenue - map c16 Harvey Place - map d14 Harwood Avenue - map f06 Harwood Road - map f13 Hasbury Avenue - map e08 Haslett Street - map c07 Haughey Avenue - map g08 Haultain Street - map d08 Hauiti Road - map i13 Hauiti Road - map i14 Haverstock Road - map e06 Hawaiki Street - map c12 Hawea Road - map d04 Hawera Road - map c13 Hawera Road - map c14 Hawkins Street - map d13 Hawkins Street - map d14 Hawthorne Place - map f12 Hay Place - map f09 Hay Road - map f15 Haycock Avenue - map g05 Hayden Street - map c08 Haydn Avenue - map g09 Hayr Road - map g07 Hayr Road - map g08 Hazel Avenue - map f06 Hazel Avenue - map f07 Hazelmere Road - map e06 Heaphy Street - map f13 Heaphy Street - map h04 Heather Street - map c09 Heatherbank Street - map d15 Heatherbank Street - map e15 Hector Street - map b06 Hedley Road - map f05 Hedley Road - map f06 Heke Street - map c07 Helen Place - map d15 Hemington Street - map d03 Henderson Place - map h11 Hendon Avenue - map f04 Hendon Avenue - map f05 Hendry Avenue - map g08 Hendry Avenue - map h08 Henley Road - map e08 Henry Street - map e03 Henry Street - map e04 Henry - Louis Court - map d05 Henshaw Avenue - map g07 Henslowe Place - map d15 Hepburn Street - map c07 Herbert Road - map e07 Herd Road - map g08 Herdman Street - map d04 Hereford Street - map c07 Hereford Street - map c08 Heretaunga Avenue - map g10 Heretaunga Avenue - map g11 Heritage Rise - map c15 Herne Bay Road - map b06 Herringson Avenue - map c06 Herringson Avenue - map d06 Hertford Street - map g04 Hesketh Street - map d07 Hewson Street - map f11 Hewson Street - map f12 Heywood Crescent - map f08 Hibiscus Place - map h06 Higgs Road - map f13 High Street, City - map b08 High Street, Otahuhu - map i14 Highbury Street - map e03 Highcliffe Road - map f07 Highland Road - map e05 Highland Road - map f05 Highwic Avenue - map e10 Hill Road - map h07 Hill Street - map g09 Hill Street - map h09 Hillsborough Road - map h05 Hillsborough Road - map h06 Hillsborough Road - map h07 Hillsborough Road - map h08 Hillsborough Road - map g08 Hillsdale Road - map h07 Hillside Crescent - map d08 Hillside Road - map h14 Hilltop Street - map e12 Hillview Avenue - map g05 Hilstan Place - map g09 Hilton Place - map d16 Himalaya Crescent - map h05 Himikera Avenue - map e04 Hinaki Street - map e05 Hiriri Avenue - map d11 Hoani Glade - map e13 Hobday Place - map d13 Hobson Circle - map c10 Hobson Drive - map f15 Hobson Street - map b08 Hobson Street - map c08 Hoheria Road - map g10 Hohipere Street - map c08 Hokonui Road - map i13 Hokonui Road - map i14 Holbrook Street - map g04 Holdsworth Avenue - map f06 Holgate Road - map b14 Holgate Road - map c14 Holland Avenue - map e15 Holloway Place - map g12 Holly Street - map e03 Hollywood Avenue - map f08 Hollywood Avenue - map g08 Hollywood Avenue - map g09 Homai Street - map d11 Home Street - map c07 Home Street - map d07 Homestead Drive - map e14 Hona Avenue - map e08 Honan Place - map e03 Hope Street - map c06 Hopetoun Street - map c07 Hopetoun Street - map c08 Hopkins Crescent - map c14 Hornes Lane - map h09 Horoeka Avenue - map d08 Horopito Street - map d07 Horopito Street - map d08 Horotutu Road - map f10 Horton Avenue - map e02 Horwell Place - map e02 Hoskins Avenue - map h07 Hoskins Avenue - map h08 Hospital Road - map j13 Hotunui Drive - map h14 Houghton Street - map d13 Houpara Street - map g11 Howard Hunter Avenue - map d14 Howard Hunter Avenue - map e14 Howe Street - map c08 Howell Crescent - map g06 Howlett Street - map d03 Huapai Street - map g10 Hubert Henderson Place - map e12 Hudson Street - map f11 Hugh Watt Drive - map g08 Hugh Watt Drive - map h08 Hugh Watt Drive - map h09 Hugh Watt Drive - map h10 Hugo Johnston Drive - map h12 Hugo Johnston Drive - map h13 Huia Road, Otahuhu - map i13 Huia Road, Pt Chevalier - map c04 Huia Road, Pt Chevalier - map d04 Hukanui Crescent - map b06 Hull Place - map g11 Hulse Avenue - map e06 Humariri Street - map c04 Humber Place - map g05 Hunters Park Drive - map f08 Huntingtree Avenue - map f06 Huntly Avenue - map c09 Huriaro Place - map c12 Hurstwood Place - map d15 Hurst Street - map f11 Hutton Street - map i14 Hutton Street - map j14 Huxley Place - map d15 Ian McKinnon Drive - map c08 Ian McKinnon Drive - map c08 Iberia Place - map h05 Iberia Place - map h05 Impala Place - map g08 Impala Place - map g08 Industry Road - map h12 Industry Road - map h13 Inglewood Street - map d16 Ingram Road - map d11 Inkerman Street - map g09 Innisfree Drive - map e12 Inverary Avenue - map e09 Invermay Avenue - map f06 Invermay Avenue - map f07 Inwood Street - map d06 Ipswich Place - map d13 Ira Street - map g05 Ireland Road - map f14 Ireland Road - map g14 Ireland Street - map b07 Irene Avenue - map e08 Irirangi Road - map f10 Isherwood Place - map e14 Islington Street - map b06 Italia Grove - map g13 Ivanhoe Road - map d06 Jackson Street - map h09 Jack Browne Place - map i14 Jamaica Place - map g04 James Cook Crescent - map d09 James Preston Avenue - map g07 James Tyler Crescent - map h05 James Tyler Crescent - map h06 James Walter Place - map g14 Jane Cowie Avenue - map j14 Jarman Road - map f13 Jarman Road - map g13 Jasmine Place - map h03 Jason Avenue - map e06 Jasper Avenue - map f06 Jasper Avenue - map f07 Jean Batten Place - map b08 Jefferson Street - map d15 Jellicoe Road - map f14 Jellicoe Road - map f15 Jellicoe Street, City - map b08 Jellicoe Street, Otahuhu - map j14 Jenner Place - map f04 Jennings Street - map e04 Jerram Street - map e04 Jersey Avenue - map e04 Jervois Road - map b06 Jervois Road - map b07 Jesmond Terrace - map d05 Jesmond Terrace - map d06 Jessel Street - map c06 Jessop Street - map f05 Joan Street - map c04 Joan Stumbles Avenue - map h04 John Street - map b06 John Street - map c06 John Davis Road - map g05 John Rymer Place - map c14 John Shaw Drive - map d14 John Stokes Terrace - map d09 Johnston Road - map g13 Johnston Street - map c04 Jolson Road - map h15 Jopard Place - map e12 Jopard Place - map f12 Jordan Avenue - map g10 Joseph Banks Terrace - map d09 Jubilee Avenue - map g10 Judge Street - map b10 Judges Bay Road - map b10 Julian Street - map c07 Kahu Road - map f15 Kaimata Street - map c15 Kain Street - map f07 Kaka Street - map j13 Kakariki Avenue - map e08 Kallu Crescent - map g06 Kalmia Street - map f11 Kamahi Street - map d07 Kamahi Street - map d08 Kanuka Street - map c05 Kapuni Road - map f15 Kapua Street - map d12 Karaka Street - map c08 Karaka Park Place - map b16 Karangahape Road - map c08 Karetu Road - map e10 Kari Street - map c09 Karori Crescent - map c12 Katavich Place - map h06 Kathryn Avenue - map h07 Katoa Street - map c04 Kawaka Street - map d08 Kawau Road - map f10 Kawau Road - map f11 Kawiti Avenue - map e15 Kay Drive - map g03 Kay Drive - map h03 Kay Road - map f15 Kealy Road - map h15 Keate Place - map g13 Keats Place - map g03 Keith Avenue - map d12 Kelly Street - map d08 Kelmarna Avenue - map b06 Kelsey Crescent - map g08 Kelvin Road - map d12 Kelvin Road - map e12 Kelvinside Terrace - map f03 Kempthorne Crescent - map c13 Kenderdine Lane - map c10 Kendrick Place - map g04 Kenley Place - map e02 Kenneth Avenue - map d06 Kenneth Small Place - map e13 Kenny Road - map d12 Kensington Avenue - map e07 Kent Street, Newmarket - map d09 Kent Street, Ponsonby - map c07 Kentucky Street - map f11 Kenwyn Street - map b10 Kenyon Avenue - map d07 Kepa Road - map c12 Kepa Road - map c13 Keppell Street - map c07 Keppell Street - map d07 Keretene Place - map d14 Kerr Street - map e06 Kerr Taylor Avenue - map e05 Kesteven Avenue - map c15 Kesteven Avenue - map c16 Kestrel Place - map d16 Kettle Street - map c05 Keys Terrace - map c15 Keystone Avenue - map f07 Khandallah Place - map f05 Khartoum Place - map b08 Khyber Pass Road - map c08 Khyber Pass Road - map c09 Khyber Pass Road - map d09 Kiano Place - map d16 Kildare Avenue - map c15 Kildare Avenue - map c16 Kimber Hall Avenue - map g05 Kimberley Road - map e09 Kinder Place - map d13 King Street, Kingsland - map c07 King Street, Kingsland - map d07 King Street, Otahuhu - map i14 King Edward Avenue - map e09 King Edward Street - map d07 King Edward Street - map e07 King George Avenue - map e08 King George Avenue - map e09 Kingdon Street - map d09 Kings Road, Panmure - map f15 Kings Road, Three Kings - map f07 Kingsford Road - map e07 Kingsford Road - map f07 Kingshaven Close - map h06 Kingsland Avenue - map d07 Kingsland Terrace - map d07 Kingsley Street - map c06 Kingston Street - map b08 Kingsview Road - map e08 Kingsway - map f08 Kingsway Avenue - map e06 Kingswood Terrace - map h06 Kingswood Terrace - map h07 Kinloch Avenue - map f06 Kinross Street - map h03 Kinsale Avenue - map c16 Kiosk Road - map c09 Kipling Avenue - map e09 Kiritoa Street - map e02 Kirk Street - map c07 Kirkmay Place - map c14 Kirkwood Place - map f05 Kissling Place - map d14 Kitchener Road - map e06 Kitchener Street - map b08 Kitchener Street - map b09 Kitemoana Street - map b12 Kitenui Avenue - map e05 Kitirawa Road - map d11 Kitson Place - map e14 Kiwi Road - map c04 Kiwi Road - map d04 Kiwi Road - map d05 Kiwitea Street - map e06 Kiwitea Street - map f06 Knight Avenue - map e05 Koa Street - map d12 Koangi Street - map e10 Kohekohe Street - map d08 Kohia Terrace - map e09 Kohimarama Road - map b14 Kohimarama Road - map c13 Kohimarama Road - map c14 Kohimarama Road - map d14 Kohutu Street - map d08 Komaru Street - map d11 Konini Road - map f11 Koraha Street - map e12 Korari Street - map d08 Korau Road - map e10 Korcula Place - map f02 Korma Lane - map f15 Korma Road - map g08 Korokino Road - map f10 Kotae Road - map d16 Kotahi Road - map h14 Kotare Avenue - map b05 Kotiri Street - map c14 Kowhai Street - map d07 Kowhatu Road - map f10 Kupe Street - map c13 Kurahaupo Street - map c13 Kuranui Place - map j14 Laburnum Road - map f05 Laburnum Road - map g05 Ladies Mile - map e11 Ladies Mile - map e12 Ladies Mile - map f11 Ladies Mile - map f12 Lagoon Drive - map f14 Lagoon Drive - map f15 Lagoon Drive - map g15 Lambeth Road - map e06 Lambeth Road - map f06 Lambeth Road - map f07 Lammermoor Drive - map c14 Lammermoor Drive - map d15 Lanark Place - map d15 Lancing Road - map e06 Lancing Road - map e07 Landscape Road - map f07 Landscape Road - map f08 Landseer Place - map g05 Lansford Crescent - map f03 Lansford Crescent - map f04 Larch Street - map f03 Larchwood Avenue - map c05 Larchwood Avenue - map c06 Larsen Road - map f15 Lauchlan Avenue - map f09 Laud Avenue - map f12 Laurel Street - map e04 Laurie Avenue - map c10 Lauriston Avenue - map d09 Lavas Place - map f13 La Veta Avenue - map e05 La Veta Avenue - map f05 Lavender Court - map d13 Lawndale Place - map d14 Lawrence Street - map b06 Lawry Street - map f12 Laxon Terrace - map c09 Layard Street - map f04 Leamington Road - map d07 Leaside Lane - map d15 Lee Street - map c10 Leek Street - map c09 Leek Street - map d09 Leighton Street - map c07 Leinster Street - map f04 Lemington Road - map c05 Leonard Lane - map f12 Leonard Road - map e12 Leonard Road - map f12 CCCCC g12 Leone Terrace - map d05 Leslie Avenue - map d06 Letterkenny Place - map g04 Levonia Street - map d06 Lewin Road - map f09 Lewis Street - map h04 Leybourne Circle - map d16 Leys Crescent - map d10 Lichfield Road - map c10 Lidcombe Place - map e03 Lifford Place - map h06 Lilac Grove - map h08 Liley Place - map e12 Lillington Road - map e10 Lincoln Street - map c06 Lincoln Street - map c07 Linden Street - map h05 Linden Street - map h06 Lindsay Place - map g07 Line Road - map d15 Line Road - map e15 Lingarth Street - map d11 Lintaine Place - map d14 Linthorpe Crescent - map d16 Linwood Avenue - map d05 Lion Place - map d09 Lippiatt Road - map j13 Lisburn Avenue - map c16 Lisnoe Avenue - map d07 Lister Street - map c04 Littlejohn Street - map g07 Littlejohn Street - map g08 Little George Street - map c09 Liverpool Street, City - map c08 Liverpool Street, Royal Oak - map f08 Liverpool Street, Royal Oak - map f09 Livingstone Street - map c06 Lloyd Avenue West - map e05 Lloyd Avenue East - map e05 Locarno Avenue - map e06 Loch Street - map d12 Loch Street - map d13 Loch Street - map e13 Lochiel Road - map e11 Locke Avenue - map h07 Lockhert Place - map h13 Logan Terrace - map c10 Lombard Street - map b15 London Street - map b07 Long Drive - map c14 Long Drive - map c15 Longford Street - map g13 Lonsdale Street - map f11 Lorne Street - map b08 Lorne Street - map c08 Lorraine Avenue - map f05 Louvain Avenue - map f06 Louvain Avenue - map f07 Lovelock Avenue - map d08 Lovers Lane - map c09 Lower Albert Street - map b08 Lower Domain Drive - map c09 Lower Municipal Place - map h10 Lowery Avenue - map g06 Lowery Avenue - map g07 Lucerne Road - map d12 Lucerne Road - map e12 Luck Crescent - map g08 Lucknow Place - map h03 Lucy Lane - map b08 Luke Street - map i14 Luke Street East - map i14 Luke Street East - map i15 Lunn Avenue - map e13 Lunn Avenue - map f13 Lunn Avenue - map f14 Lurline Avenue - map f09 Lush Avenue - map d14 Lynbrooke Avenue - map h04 Lynch Street - map c04 Lyndale Place - map d16 Lyndhurst Street - map d16 Lyndock Street - map c08 Lynfield Place - map h05 Lynton Road - map g14 Lyon Avenue - map e06 McAlister Place - map g06 MaCaulay Street - map c08 McArthur Avenue - map c15 McColl Street - map d09 McCracken Road - map f13 McCulloch Road - map f15 McCullough Avenue - map f07 McCullough Avenue - map g07 McDonald Crescent - map f13 McDonald Place - map j13 McDonald Street - map d06 McFadzean Drive - map g04 McFadzean Drive - map h04 McFarland Street - map d13 McFarland Street - map e13 McGee Street - map j13 McGowan Street - map g06 McGregor Street - map h06 McIlroy Avenue - map h08 MacKelvie Street - map c07 McKinnon Street - map h07 MacLaurin Street - map g04 McLean Street - map e04 McLean Street - map e05 McLennan Road - map h14 McManus Place - map i15 MacMurray Road - map d09 MacMurray Road - map d10 McNab Street - map g12 MacPherson Street - map d12 McRae Road - map g13 Maaka Place - map d14 Madden Street - map b08 Madeira Lane - map c08 Madeira Place - map c08 Madeleine Avenue - map c16 Madeleine Avenue - map d15 Madeleine Avenue - map d16 Maheke Street - map c15 Mahoe Avenue - map d11 Mahon Way - map c08 Mahuru Street - map d09 Maidstone Street - map c07 Main Highway - map f11 Main Highway - map f12 Mainston Road - map e11 Mainston Road - map e12 Maioro Street - map f05 Maire Street - map e02 Malabar Drive - map f12 Malcolm Street - map f05 Malcolm Street - map g05 Malone Road - map f14 Malory Street - map e03 Malvern Road, St Lukes - map d06 Malvern Road, Te Papapa - map h11 Mamaku Street - map d13 Mamie Street - map d09 Mamie Street - map d10 Manapau Street - map d12 Manatu Street - map e07 Manawa Road - map d11 Mangere Road - map j13 Mangere Road - map j14 Maniutu Street - map f11 Manor Place - map d05 Manukau Road - map d09 Manukau Road - map e09 Manukau Road - map f09 Manukau Road - map g09 Mapau Road - map e10 Mapiu Street - map d12 Maple Street - map e02 Mara Street - map d13 Marama Avenue - map e08 Marama Avenue - map e09 Maranui Avenue - map c04 Marau Crescent - map b13 Marco Polo Avenue - map h05 Marconi Place - map g05 Marei Road - map f11 Mareth Road - map f15 Marewa Road - map e10 Margaret Avenue - map d05 Margaret Street - map b07 Margate Road - map g04 Margot Street - map d09 Margot Street - map e09 Maria Street - map h09 Marie Avenue - map g08 Marine Lane - map g14 Marine Parade - map b05 Marine Parade - map b06 Marino Place - map d15 Marion Avenue - map g06 Marion Place - map d16 Mariposa Avenue - map h05 Mariri Road - map g10 Marjorie Jayne Crescent - map j13 Mark Road - map e04 Market Lane - map b08 Market Place - map b08 Market Road - map e09 Market Road - map e10 Marlborough Street - map d07 Marlowe Road - map g03 Marmion Street - map c08 Marne Road - map f06 Maroa Avenue - map g11 Mars Avenue - map e06 Marsden Avenue - map e07 Marsden Avenue - map f07 Marsden Avenue - map f08 Marshall Laing Avenue - map g05 Marston Street - map b09 Martin Avenue, Mt Albert - map d05 Martin Avenue Orakei - map d12 Martin Place - map f15 Marua Road - map e12 Marua Road - map f13 Marua Road - map f14 Mary Street - map d08 Marydale Drive - map h06 Mary Dreaver Street - map g04 Mary Dreaver Street - map g05 Maryland Street - map d04 Masefield Avenue - map b06 Maskell Street - map c15 Maskell Street - map c16 Mason Avenue - map i13 Mason Avenue - map i14 Masons Avenue - map b06 Massey Avenue - map f11 Matai Road - map f10 Matai Road - map f11 Matangi Road - map g14 Matapan Road - map f15 Mataroa Road - map h14 Mataroa Road - map i14 Matata Street - map g03 Matata Street - map g04 Matatua Street - map c13 Matiere Road - map g09 Matipo Street - map e07 Maui Grove - map d09 Maui Pomare Street - map g04 Maungakiekie Avenue - map f10 Maungarei Road - map e12 Maungawhau Road - map d09 Maunsell Road - map c09 Maunsell Road Extn.CCCCC c09 Mauranui Avenue - map d09 Mauretania Place - map h05 Maurice Road - map g11 Maurice Road - map h11 Maxfield Place - map e09 Maxfield Place - map e10 Maxine Place - map d15 Maxwell Avenue - map c06 May Road - map f06 May Road - map g06 Maybeck Road - map e05 Maybury Street - map e15 Mayfair Place - map e15 Mayn Avenue - map f06 Mayoral Drive - map b08 Mayoral Drive - map c08 Mays Road - map g10 Mays Road - map g11 Mays Road - map h11 Mead Street - map e02 Meadow Street - map i14 Meadowbank Road - map d12 Meadowbank Road - map d13 Mears Place - map f09 Melanesia Road - map c14 Melford Street - map b07 Melling Street - map d15 Melody Lane - map i14 Melrose Road - map g07 Melrose Road - map g08 Melrose Street - map d09 Melton Road - map g13 Melville Place - map g11 Memorial Avenue - map f06 Memorial Avenue - map f07 Meola Road - map c04 Meola Road - map c05 Mercury Lane - map c08 Meredith Street - map g03 Merfield Street - map d15 Merivale Avenue - map e08 Merivale Avenue - map f09 Mersey Place - map f05 Mersey Place - map g05 Merton Road - map e14 Merton Road - map e15 Methuen Road - map f04 Methuen Road - map f05 Mewburn Avenue - map e07 Meyrick Place - map d13 Miami Parade - map h11 Michaels Avenue - map e12 Michaels Avenue - map f12 Middle Street - map b07 Middlemore Road - map j13 Middlesex Road - map d04 Middleton Road - map d09 Middleton Road - map d10 Millais Street - map c07 Millard Street - map g08 Miller Street - map d04 Milliken Avenue - map g07 Mills Lane - map b08 Milton Road - map e07 Milton Road - map e08 Miniver Street - map d15 Minnie Street - map c08 Minnie Street - map d08 Minto Road - map e12 Mira Street - map c07 Miranda Street - map g03 Miranda Street - map g04 Miriam Place - map g05 Miro Road - map f10 Miro Road - map f11 Mitchell Street - map h03 Mitchelson Street - map e11 Moa Road - map c04 Moa Road - map c05 Moa Road - map d05 Moa Street - map i13 Moana Avenue - map g10 Moata Road - map g10 Modena Crescent - map d15 Moira Street - map c06 Mokau Street - map c06 Molley Green Place - map h06 Momona Road - map e10 Monaco Place - map f14 Monaghan Avenue - map d05 Monahan Road - map h14 Monash Street - map b09 Mongorry Place - map h06 Monier Place - map f12 Monier Place - map g12 Monmouth Street - map c07 Mono Place - map f13 Mons Avenue - map f06 Monteith Crescent - map e12 Monteith Crescent - map e13 Monterey Avenue - map j14 Monterey Street - map c15 Mont Le Grand Road - map e07 Montrose Street - map d04 Moray Place - map c05 Moreland Road - map e04 Morgan Street - map c09 Morningside Drive - map d06 Morningside Drive - map e06 Morpeth Place - map g04 Morrie Laing Avenue - map h06 Morrie Laing Avenue - map h07 Morrin Road - map e14 Morrin Road - map f14 Morrin Street - map e11 Morrin Street - map f11 Morrow Street - map d09 Mortimer Pass - map d09 Morton Street - map b08 Morvern Road - map e08 Morvern Road - map f08 Mostyn Street - map d07 Motions Road - map c05 Motions Road - map d05 Motu Place - map f13 Mount Street - map c08 Mountain Road, Mt Wellington - map f14 Mountain Road, Newmarket - map d09 Mountain View Road - map d06 Mountain View Mews - map g13 Mt Albert Road - map e05 Mt Albert Road - map f06 Mt Albert Road - map f07 Mt Albert Road - map g07 Mt Albert Road - map g08 Mt Albert Road - map g09 Mt Carmel Place - map d13 Mt Eden Road - map c08 Mt Eden Road - map d08 Mt Eden Road - map e08 Mt Eden Road - map f08 Mt Eden Road - map g08 Mountfield Terrace - map f05 Mt Hobson Lane - map e10 Mt Hobson Road - map d10 Mt Hobson Road - map e10 Mountjoy Place - map h11 Mt Pleasant Road - map e07 Mt Roskill Road - map f06 Mt Roskill Road - map g06 Mt Royal Avenue - map e05 Mt Royal Avenue - map f05 Mt Smart Road - map g09 Mt Smart Road - map g10 Mt Smart Road - map g11 Mt St John Avenue - map e09 Mt St John Avenue - map e10 Mt Wellington Highway - map f14 Mt Wellington Highway - map g13 Mt Wellington Highway - map g14 Mt Wellington Highway - map h14 Mt Wellington Highway - map i14 Muir Road - map e11 Mulgan Street - map g04 Mulgan Street - map g05 Murdoch Road - map c07 Murdoch Street - map i15 Muripara Avenue - map c04 Museum Circuit - map c09 Mutu Street - map c09 Myrtle Place - map d06 Myrtle Street - map d06 Namata Road - map g10 Napier Lane - map b07 Napier Street - map b07 Nash Road - map h06 Naumai Street - map e03 Naumai Street - map f03 Navarre Road - map d15 Neale's Lane - map c08 Nehu Street - map c12 Neilson Street - map h09 Neilson Street - map h10 Neilson Street - map h11 Neilson Street - map h12 Neligan Avenue - map b14 Neligan Avenue - map c14 Nelson Street, City - map b08 Nelson Street, City - map c08 Nelson Street, Otahuhu - map j14 Netherton Street - map f05 Neville Street - map c04 New Street - map b07 New Bond Street - map d07 New Brighton Road - map i14 Newcastle Terrace - map e04 Newell Street - map c04 Newhaven Street - map f11 New North Road - map c08 New North Road - map d06 New North Road - map d07 New North Road - map d08 New North Road - map e04 New North Road - map e05 New North Road - map f04 Newsome Street - map h09 Newton Road - map c07 Newton Road - map c08 New Windsor Road - map f04 New Windsor Road - map f05 New Windsor Road - map g05 Ngahere Terrace - map c09 Ngahura Street - map d08 Ngaio Street, Orakei - map c12 Ngaio Street, Otahuhu - map j14 Ngaire Avenue - map d09 Ngaiwi Street - map c12 Ngake Street - map c12 Ngapawa Street - map e07 Ngapipi Road - map c11 Ngapipi Road - map c12 Ngapora Street - map g11 Ngapuhi Road - map d12 Ngapuhi Road - map e12 Ngarimu Road - map f15 Ngaroma Road - map f09 Ngata Street - map c08 Ngatiawa Street - map f11 Ngatiawa Street - map g10 Ngauruhoe Street - map e08 Niagara Crescent - map h05 Niall Burgess Drive - map h13 Niall Burgess Drive - map h14 Nicholas Street - map b08 Nicholas Street - map c08 Nicholls Lane - map co9 Niger Street - map d07 Nihill Crescent - map c13 Nikau Road - map i13 Nikau Road - map j13 Nikau Street - map d08 Nirvana Way - map g05 Nirvana Way - map g06 Nissan Place - map g11 Nixon Avenue - map j14 Nixon Street - map c07 Noel Place - map h06 Nolan Road - map e10 Nolan Road - map e11 Norana Avenue - map e10 Nordon Place - map e12 Norfolk Street - map c07 Norgrove Avenue - map d05 Normanby Road - map d08 Norman Lesser Drive - map d13 Norman Lesser Drive - map d14 Norman Lesser Drive - map e13 Norman Lesser Drive - map e14 Normans Hill Road - map g09 Normans Hill Road - map h09 Norrie Avenue - map d05 Northland Street - map c07 Norwich Street - map c08 Notley Street - map c05 Noton Road - map h07 Nottingham Street - map c05 Novar Place - map d05 Nuffield Lane - map d09 Nuffield Street - map d09 Nugent Street - map c08 Nugent Street - map c08 Oak Street - map g09 Oakdale Road - map g07 Oakdale Road - map h07 Oakfield Avenue - map e05 Oaklands Road - map e08 Oakley Avenue - map d03 Oakley Avenue - map d04 Oban Road - map c05 Oberon Place - map e02 O'Casey Place - map h06 O'Connell Street - map b08 Ochre Place - map g03 Odessa Crescent - map d15 O'Donnell Avenue - map f05 O'Donnell Avenue - map f06 Ohinerau Street - map e10 Ohinerau Street - map e11 Okahu Street - map c12 Old Mill Road - map c05 Old Mill Road - map c06 Olea Road - map g11 Olive Grove - map f09 Olive Road - map g12 Oliver Street - map c04 Olsen Avenue - map g07 Olsen Avenue - map h07 Olympus Street - map f04 Olympus Street - map f05 Omahu Road - map e10 Omana Avenue - map d09 Omaru Lane - map d15 Onehunga Mall - map g10 Onehunga Mall - map h10 O'Neill Street - map b07 Onslow Avenue - map f08 Onslow Avenue - map f09 Onslow Road - map d07 Ophir Street - map c08 Orakau Avenue - map f09 Orakei Road - map c11 Orakei Road - map c12 CCCCC d11 CCCCC e11 Oran Road - map e15 Oran Road - map f15 Oranga Avenue - map g10 Oranga Avenue - map g11 Orcades Place - map h05 Orchard Street - map e02 Orchard Street - map e03 Oregon Avenue - map e02 Oriana Avenue - map h05 Ormonde Road - map e11 O'Rorke Road - map g12 O'Rorke Street - map h10 Orpheus Drive - map h09 Orsova Place - map h05 Osborne Street - map d09 Otahuri Crescent - map e10 Otira Street - map g03 Outhwaite Lane - map c09 Overlea Road - map d15 Overlea Road - map d16 Owairaka Avenue - map f05 Owens Road - map e08 Owens Road - map e09 Oxley Avenue - map f06 Oxton Road - map e06 Oxton Road - map e07 Pacific Place - map b08 Paddington Street - map d15 Paerimu Street - map c12 Paget Street - map c07 Pah Road - map f09 Pah Road - map g09 Pahaki Street - map c14 Paice Avenue - map d07 Paice Avenue - map e07 Paihia Road - map f11 Paihia Road - map g10 Paihia Road - map g11 Paisley Place - map h15 Pakenham Street - map b08 Pakuranga Highway - map g15 Pallister Drive - map h08 Palmer Crescent - map c13 Pamela Place - map c14 Panama Road - map h14 Panama Road - map h15 Panapa Drive - map d13 Panapa Drive - map d14 Panapa Drive - map e13 Panorama Road - map f13 Panorama Road - map g13 Paora Street - map c12 Papahia Street - map c10 Papaku Road - map j14 Parata Street - map e15 Parau Street - map f07 Parawai Crescent - map b06 Parawai Crescent - map c06 Parfitt Street - map g05 Paritai Drive - map c11 Paritai Drive - map c12 Park Avenue, Grafton - map c09 Park Avenue, Otahuhu - map j14 Park Gardens - map g09 Park Road - map c09 Parkdale Road - map d05 Parkfield Terrace - map c09 Parkhill Road - map d06 Parkinson Avenue - map f05 Parkside Street - map c15 Parliament Street - map b09 Parnell Rise - map b09 Parnell Road - map b09 Parnell Road - map c09 Parnell Road - map c10 Parr Road North - map d05 Parr Road South - map d05 Parrish Road - map e07 Parry Road - map i14 Parry Street - map f06 Parsons Road - map d13 Partridge Street - map c07 Pasadena Avenue - map c05 Pasadena Avenue - map d05 Pascoe Street - map g05 Pasteur Place - map g04 Patey Street - map e10 Patiki Road - map c01 Patiki Road - map d01 Patrick Street - map h11 Patterson Street - map e06 Patterson Street - map e07 Patteson Avenue - map b13 Patteson Avenue - map c13 Paua Place - map g05 Paunui Street - map c15 Paynes Lane - map h10 Peace Avenue - map h15 Peach Parade - map e11 Peacock Street - map b16 Peacock Street - map c16 Pearce Street - map h10 Peart View - map d13 Peary Road - map f07 Peary Road - map f08 Peek Street - map f12 Peel Street - map c06 Peet Avenue - map g08 Pegler Avenue - map g08 Pelham Avenue - map d04 Pember Reeves Street - map b07 Pembroke Crescent - map c15 Penbury Place - map g04 Pencarrow Avenue - map e08 Penney Avenue - map g05 Penney Avenue - map g06 Penrhyn Road - map e08 Penrose Road - map g12 Penrose Road - map g13 Pentland Avenue - map d08 Percival Parade - map b07 Percy Street - map d08 Pere Street - map d10 Peter Buck Road - map f04 Peter Buck Road - map g04 Peter Mulgrew Street - map g05 Peterson Road - map g14 Petrie Place - map j14 Phyllis Street - map e04 Piccadilly Place - map c14 Pickens Crescent - map e05 Pickett Street - map e06 Picton Street - map c07 Pilkington Road - map e15 Pilkington Road - map f15 Pine Street - map e07 Pinewood Street - map f04 Pirangi Street - map e15 Pitcairn Place - map f04 Pitfire Place - map g03 Pitt Street - map c08 Plane Street - map e03 Platina Street - map e10 Playfair Road - map g06 Plaza Drive - map g08 Pleasant Street - map g09 Pleasant Street - map h09 Pleasant View Road - map f14 Pleasant View Road - map f15 Plumer Street - map b09 Plumpton Avenue - map f06 Plunket Road - map e08 Pohutukawa Place - map el3 Pt Chevalier Road - map b04 Pt Chevalier Road - map c04 Pt Chevalier Road - map d04 Pt England Road - map e15 Pt England Road - map e16 Pollen Street - map c07 Polygon Road - map c15 Pompallier Terrace - map b07 Ponsonby Road - map b07 Ponsonby Road - map c07 Ponsonby Terrace - map b07 Ponui Place - map h15 Poronui Street - map e08 Portage Road, Blockhouse Bay - map g03 Portage Road, Blockhouse Bay - map h03 Portage Road, Otahuhu - map i13 Portage Road, Otahuhu - map i14 Porters Avenue - map d08 Portland Road - map c11 Portland Road - map d10 Portland Road - map d11 Portland Road - map e10 Portman Road - map g12 Potatau Street - map c07 Potiki Place - map d14 Poto Street - map d11 Potter Avenue - map f06 Powell Street - map e04 Poynton Terrace - map c08 Pratt Street - map b07 Pratt Street - map c07 Prebble Place - map c13 Premier Avenue - map c05 Premier Avenue - map d05 Prentice Place - map h07 Prescott Street - map g12 Preston Avenue - map e04 Price Crescent - map g13 Prime Road - map c06 Primes Lane - map d10 Princes Avenue - map f07 Princes Street, City - map b09 Princes Street, Onehunga - map h09 Princes Street, Onehunga - map h10 Princes Street, Otahuhu - map i14 Princes Street East - map i15 Prosford Street - map b07 Prospect Terrace - map d07 Prospect Terrace - map e07 Prospect Terrace - map e08 Prospero Terrace - map e05 Provost Street - map b07 Puka Street, Mt Eden - map d08 Puka Street, Onehunga - map g10 Pukehana Avenue - map f08 Pukehana Avenue - map f09 Pukeiti Road - map i13 Pukemiro Street - map h11 Pukenui Road - map f09 Pukeora Avenue - map d12 Pukeora Avenue - map e12 Pukeora Road - map j14 Pukerangi Crescent - map f12 Puketea Street - map g03 Puketea Street - map g04 Puketutu Rise - map h07 Puna Street - map c12 Punga Street - map d08 Purewa Road - map d12 Puriri Avenue - map e10 Puriri Avenue - map f10 Puriri Drive - map e09 Puriri Drive - map e10 Puroto Street - map d12 Putiki Street - map c07 Pyatt Crescent - map d13 Pycroft Place - map c14 Quadrant Road - map g09 Quadrant Road - map h09 Quay Street - map b08 Quay Street - map b09 Quay Street - map b10 Queen Street, City - map b08 Queen Street, City - map c08 Queen Street, Otahuhu - map i14 Queen Street, Otahuhu - map j14 Queen Elizabeth Square - map b08 Queen Mary Avenue - map e09 Queens Avenue - map e07 Queens Road - map f14 Queens Road - map f15 Queenstown Road - map g08 Queenstown Road - map h08 Queensway - map f08 Queensway - map g08 Quentin Avenue - map f08 Quest Terrace - map f07 Quona Avenue - map h06 Racecourse Parade - map f03 Raceway Link - map e11 Radcliffe Street - map d15 Radford Way - map h07 Radnor Road - map g06 Raetihi Crescent - map e04 Rahiri Road - map f08 Railway Lane - map i13 Railway Street - map c09 Rainford Street - map g07 Rajan Place - map i07 Rakau Street - map d11 Rakino Way - map h15 Raleigh Street - map d07 Rama Road - map d04 Ramelton Road - map h06 Ramsgate Street - map f11 Ramsgate Street - map f12 Randolph Street - map c08 Ranfurly Road - map e09 Ranfurly Road West - map e09 Range View Road - map f04 Range View Road - map f05 Rangiatea Road - map f09 Rangiora Road - map f11 Rangipawa Road - map g11 Rangitane Place - map h05 Rangitata Place - map h05 Rangitiki Crescent - map h05 Rangitoto Avenue - map d11 Ranier Street - map f12 Ranleigh Road - map e05 Ranui Road - map d11 Ranui Road - map e11 Raphoe Place - map e12 Raphoe Place - map e13 Rarangi Road - map b15 Rarawa Street - map e07 Rathlin Street - map g04 Rathlin Street - map h04 Raukura Lane - map e11 Raumati Road - map d11 Raurenga Avenue - map g09 Rautangi Road - map e08 Rautara Street - map c12 Raven Avenue - map h07 Rawalpindi Street - map d05 Rawene Avenue - map b05 Rawhiti Road - map f10 Rawhiti Road - map g10 Rawhiti Road - map g11 Rawhitiroa Road - map c14 Rayma Place - map g13 Raymond Street - map c04 Redmond Street - map b07 Regina Street - map b06 Regina Street - map c06 Reihana Street - map c12 Reimers Avenue - map d07 Reliable Way - map f13 Remuera Road - map d09 Remuera Road - map d10 Remuera Road - map e10 Remuera Road - map e11 Remuera Road - map e12 Remuera Road - map d12 Remuera Road - map d13 Renall Street - map b07 Rendall Place - map c08 Rendcomb Place - map h08 Renfrew Avenue - map f06 Renown Avenue - map e10 Renton Road - map e04 Revel Avenue - map h06 Rewa Road - map f08 Rewi Road - map g08 Rewi Road - map g09 Rewiti Street - map c12 Rhodes Avenue - map e04 Rhyde Street - map d06 Riccarton Way - map f11 Richard Street - map c05 Richard Farrell Avenue - map e11 Richard Farrell Avenue - map e12 Richardson Road - map e04 Richardson Road - map e05 Richardson Road - map f05 Richardson Road - map g05 Richardson Road - map g06 Richardson Road - map h06 Richardson Road - map h07 Richbourne Street - map d07 Richmond Road - map c06 Richmond Road - map c07 Riddell Road - map b16 Riddell Road - map c15 Riddell Road - map c16 Riddell Road - map c17 Ridgeway Place - map d16 Ridings Road - map d10 Rielly Place - map f14 Riki Road - map e16 Ring Terrace - map b07 Ripon Crescent - map d13 Ripon Crescent - map d14 Riro Street - map c05 Riro Street - map d05 Risk Road - map e11 River Terrace - map b06 Riversdale Road - map e02 Riversdale Road - map e03 Riversdale Road - map f02 Riverside Avenue - map e16 Riverview Road - map f15 Riverview Road - map g15 Robert Hall Avenue - map d09 Robert Street - map f11 Roberta Avenue - map c15 Roberta Avenue - map d16 Roberton Road - map e04 Robley Crescent - map c16 Robson Street - map g06 Rochdale Avenue - map c16 Rockfield Road - map f11 Rockfield Road - map g11 Rocklands Avenue - map e07 Rockridge Avenue - map g11 Rockwood Place - map d09 Rocky Nook Avenue - map d06 Rodney Street - map i14 Rodney Street - map j14 Rogan Street - map g07 Rogan Street - map h07 Roma Road - map g06 Romola Street - map d15 Rona Avenue - map c06 Ronaki Road, Mission Bay - map b13 Ronaki Road, Otahuhu - map j14 Ronald Algie Place - map e14 Ronayne Street - map b09 Rongo Road - map g09 Roosevelt Avenue - map g10 Roosevelt Avenue - map g11 Ropata Avenue - map e15 Rosamund Avenue - map f05 Rosamund Avenue - map g05 Rose Road - map c07 Rosebank Road - map d01 Rosebank Road - map d02 Rosebank Road - map e02 Rosebank Road - map e03 Rosebank Road - map f03 Rosebank Road - map f04 Rosedale Avenue - map f07 Roseman Avenue - map g06 Rosepark Crescent - map d13 Roseville Street - map f05 Roseway Place - map d16 Roskill Way - map f08 Roslyn Road - map g13 Roslyn Road - map g14 Ross Street - map d11 Rossgrove Terrace - map d05 Rossmay Terrace - map d06 Rossmay Terrace - map d07 Rostrevor Avenue - map f08 Rota Place - map c10 Rothesay Street - map e10 Rothesay Street - map e11 Rotomahana Terrace - map e11 Rowan Court - map g08 Rowan Road - map g08 Rowe Street - map h10 Rowena Crescent - map e15 Rowlands Avenue - map g14 Roxburgh Street - map d09 Roxy Terrace - map c16 Royal Terrace - map d07 Royal Viking Way - map h05 Ruahine Street - map g03 Ruahine Street - map g04 Ruapehu Street - map e08 Ruarangi Road - map e05 Ruawai Road - map g13 Ruka Lane - map d13 Ruka Lane - map d14 Rukutai Street - map c13 Runa Place - map h15 Runnell Street - map b07 Ruru Street - map d08 Ruskin Street - map c09 Russell Street - map b07 Rustic Avenue - map h07 Rutherford Terrace - map d13 Rutland Road - map f13 Rutland Street - map b08 Ryburn Road - map h14 Rydal Drive - map g12 Ryle Street - map b07 Sackville Street - map c06 Sage Road - map c14 Sainsbury Road - map d06 St Andrews Road - map e08 St Andrews Road - map f08 St Andrews Road - map g08 St Benedicts Street - map c08 St Davids Street - map e02 St Georges Road - map f03 St Georges Road - map g03 St Georges Bay Road - map b10 St Georges Bay Road - map c10 St Heliers Bay Gardens - map c15 St Heliers Bay Road - map b15 St Heliers Bay Road - map c15 St Heliers Bay Road - map d14 St Heliers Bay Road - map d15 St James Square - map c08 St James Street - map c08 St Johns Road - map d13 St Johns Road - map d14 St Jude Street - map f03 St Jude Street - map f04 St Leonards Road - map f08 St Lukes Road - map d05 St Lukes Road - map d06 St Lukes Road - map e06 St Marks Road - map d09 St Martins Lane - map c08 St Marys Road - map b07 St Michaels Avenue - map c04 St Oswalds Road - map f10 St Patricks Square - map b08 St Paul Street - map c08 St Stephens Avenue - map b10 St Stephens Avenue - map c10 St Vincent Avenue - map e11 Sale Street - map b08 Saleyards Road - map i13 Salisbury Street - map b06 Sally Crescent - map g05 Saltaire Street - map e03 Saltaire Street - map e04 Sam Wrigley Street - map b08 Sanda Road - map e15 Sandringham Road - map d07 Sandringham Road - map e06 Sandringham Road - map f06 Sandringham Road Ext - map f06 Sanft Avenue - map g06 Santos Place - map g11 Saran Place - map h07 Saratoga Avenue - map b06 Sarawia Street - map c09 Sarsfield Street - map b06 Sarsfield Street - map b07 Saunders Place - map d01 Savage Street - map c05 Savannah Street - map d08 Saxon Street - map d03 Saxon Street - map d04 Sayegh Street - map c14 Sayegh Street - map c15 Scanlan Street - map c07 Scarborough Lane - map c09 Scarborough Terrace - map c09 Scarborough Terrace - map c10 Sceptre Place - map e02 Scherff Road - map d10 Schofield Street - map c06 Schofield Street - map c07 School Road - map d06 Scotia Place - map c08 Scotland Street - map b07 Scott Street - map b06 Scott Street - map b07 Scout Avenue - map f07 Seacliffe Road - map h08 Seacliffe Road - map h08 Seacombe Road - map c04 Seafield View Road - map c08 Seafield View Road - map c09 Seascape Road - map d12 Seaside Avenue - map d03 Seaside Avenue - map e03 Seaview Road - map d10 Seaview Terrace - map d05 Seaview Terrace - map e05 Seccombes Road - map d09 Second Avenue - map d06 Second Avenue - map d07 Seddon Street - map d07 Sefton Avenue - map c06 Segar Avenue - map d04 Segar Avenue - map d05 Selbourne Street - map c06 Selby Square - map b07 Selcourt Road - map d05 Selcourt Road - map d06 Selkirk Road - map d06 Selwyn Avenue - map c13 Selwyn Avenue - map d13 Selwyn Road - map f08 Selwyn Road - map f09 Selwyn Street - map g09 Selwyn Street - map h09 Selwyn Street - map h10 Sentinel Road - map b06 Severn Street - map c08 Severn Street - map d08 Seychelles Street - map d06 Seymour Street - map b07 Shackleton Road - map f07 Shackleton Road - map f08 Shaddock Street - map d08 Shadwell Place - map d14 Shadwell Place - map d15 Sharpe Road - map d09 Shaw Street - map d06 Shaw Street - map d07 Shaw Way - map h06 Shearer Street - map f05 Sheehan Street - map b07 Shelly Beach Road - map b07 Shenandoah Avenue - map f05 Shenandoah Avenue - map f06 Sheppard Avenue - map f06 Shera Road - map d10 Sherbourne Road - map d08 Sheridan Lane - map b07 Sherwood Avenue - map c06 Shipherds Avenue - map e09 Shipherds Close - map e09 Shipton Place - map h04 Shirley Road - map d06 Shore Road - map c10 Shore Road - map c11 Shore Road - map d11 Shoreham Street - map f04 Shoreham Street - map g04 Short Street, City - map b09 Short Street, Herne Bay - map b05 Short Street, Herne Bay - map b06 Short Street, Newmarket - map d09 Shortland Street - map b08 Shortland Street - map b09 Shorwell Street - map e06 Shrewsbury Avenue - map c16 Sierra Street - map c15 Sierra Street - map d15 Silver Road - map d09 Silverton Avenue - map d16 Simkin Avenue - map d14 Simmonds Avenue - map f07 Simmonds Avenue - map g07 Simmonds Lane - map g13 Sims Road - map g12 Sims Road - map g13 Siota Crescent - map c14 Skeates Avenue - map f06 Skinner Road - map g13 Skipper Avenue - map h07 Sloane Street - map d15 Sloane Street - map d16 Smale Street - map d04 Smallfield Avenue - map f07 Smallfield Avenue - map g07 Smith Crescent - map g10 Smith Street - map c07 Solander Place - map d09 Sollum Road - map f15 Somerfield Street - map f11 Somerset Road - map g07 Sonia Avenue - map d11 Sophia Street - map g12 South Eastern Highway - map h12 South Eastern Highway - map g12 South Eastern Highway - map g13 South Eastern Highway - map g14 South Park Place - map h12 South Street - map c08 Southdown Lane - map h13 Southern Cross Road - map c14 Southpark Place - map h12 Speight Road - map c14 Spencer Street - map d11 Spooner Lane - map g13 Spring Street, Freemans Bay - map b07 Spring Street, Onehunga - map g10 Spring Street, Onehunga - map h10 Springcombe Road - map b15 Springfield Road - map d06 Springleigh Avenue - map e04 Springwood Place - map e07 Sproston Avenue - map f11 Sprott Road - map c14 Stable Lane - map c08 Stack Street - map b06 Staffa Street - map c10 Stamford Park Road - map g07 Standen Avenue - map d10 Stanhope Road - map f13 Stanley Street - map b09 Stanley Street - map c09 Stanmore Road - map c06 Stanton Terrace - map h05 Stanton Terrace - map h06 Stanway Place - map f11 Stanwell Street - map b10 Stanwell Street - map c10 State Avenue - map g11 Station Road, Penrose - map g11 Station Road, Penrose - map g12 Station Road, Otahuhu - map i13 Station Road, Otahuhu - map i14 Staveley Avenue - map g07 Staveley Avenue - map h07 Steele Street - map d13 Steins Avenue - map g08 Stephen Lynsnar Place - map h08 Stewart Avenue - map f15 Stewart Road - map e05 Stewart Road - map f04 Stewart Road - map f05 Stilwell Road - map e05 Stirling Street - map c11 Stirling Street - map d11 Stoddard Place - map f06 Stoddard Road - map f05 Stoddard Road - map f06 Stokes Road - map e08 Stoneyroyd Gardens - map e12 Stranolar Drive - map h06 Stratford Street - map c10 Strathnaver Crescent - map h05 Stratton Lane - map e15 Strong Street - map d14 Stuart Street - map c07 Studholme Street - map d04 Sturdee Street - map b08 Sturges Avenue - map j14 Subritzky Avenue - map g05 Suda Place - map f15 Sudeley Street - map c12 Suffolk Street - map c08 Suiter Street - map d09 Sultan Lane - map f11 Sultan Street - map f11 Summerhill Place - map c15 Summer Street - map b06 Summer Street - map b07 Summit Drive - map e05 Sunderland Street - map b10 Sunnybrae Crescent - map c05 Sunnymead Road - map d16 Sunnyridge Place - map h08 Sunnyvale Road - map e10 Sunset View Road - map f15 Surrey Crescent - map c06 Sussex Street - map c07 Sutherland Road - map d04 Sutherland Road - map d05 Sutties Lane - map h09 Swainston Road - map d14 Swainston Road - map e14 Swanson Street - map b08 Swift Avenue - map b07 Swinburne Street - map g03 Sydenham Road - map d08 Sylvan Avenue East - map d08 Sylvan Avenue West - map d08 Sylvania Crescent - map h05 Sylvania Crescent - map i05 Sylvester Avenue - map h07 Sylvia Park Road - map h13 Sylvia Park Road - map h14 Sylvia Road - map c15 Symonds Street, Newton - map b09 Symonds Street, Newton - map c08 Symonds Street, Newton - map c09 Symonds Street, Onehunga - map g09 Symonds Street, Onehunga - map h09 Tagalad Road - map b13 Tahaki Road - map d16 Tahaki Road - map d17 Tahapa Crescent - map d12 Tahapa Crescent - map d13 Tahapa Lane - map d13 Tahatai Street - map j14 Tahora Avenue - map e12 Tahuna Street - map c07 Tahuri Road - map e10 Taiere Terrace - map g10 Tainui Road - map e14 Tainui Road - map e15 Tait Street - map f04 Taitokerau Way - map d11 Takau Street - map c07 Takitumu Street - map c12 Takutai Street - map c10 Talbot Place - map e15 Tamaki Avenue - map j14 Tamaki Drive - map b11 Tamaki Drive - map b12 Tamaki Drive - map b13 Tamaki Drive - map b14 Tamaki Drive - map b15 Tamaki Drive - map c11 Tamaki Drive - map c12 Tamaki Drive - map c15 Tamaki Station Road - map f15 Tamatea Avenue - map e16 Tanekaha Street - map e07 Tangaroa Street - map e15 Tania Place - map h03 Taniwha Street - map d15 Taniwha Street - map d16 Taniwha Street - map e15 Taniwha Street - map e16 Tansley Avenue - map g08 Taramea Street - map e02 Taramea Street - map e03 Taranaki Road - map c14 Taranto Place - map d15 Tarata Street - map e08 Taratoa Street - map e15 Tarawera Terrace - map c14 Tarawera Terrace - map c15 Target Street - map c04 Tasman Avenue - map d04 Tasman Avenue - map d05 Taumata Road - map e06 Taumata Road - map f06 Taunton Terrace - map h03 Taunton Terrace - map h04 Taupata Street - map d07 Taurarua Terrace - map c10 Taurima Avenue - map e15 Tautari Street - map c12 Tawa Road - map f10 Tawa Road - map g10 Tawari Street - map d07 Tawariki Street - map b06 Tawera Road - map e10 Tawhiri Road - map f10 Tawhiri Road - map g10 Tay Street - map d06 Taylor Court - map g06 Taylor Street - map g03 Taylor Street - map g04 Taylors Road - map d06 Taylors Road - map e06 Te Apunga Place - map h14 Te Arawa Street - map c13 Te Hana Road - map f15 Te Kawa Road - map f10 Te Kawa Road - map f11 Te Koa Road - map f15 Te Kowhai Place - map d11 Te Marama Road - map f11 Te Ra Road - map c04 Te Wiata Place - map f02 Tecoma Street - map f11 Ted William Street - map g04 Ted William Street - map g05 Teed Street - map d09 Telford Avenue - map e07 Temple Street - map d13 Temuka Gardens - map g03 Tennyson Street - map e07 Tenterden Avenue - map e07 Terracotta Drive - map g03 Terry Street - map g04 Terry Street - map g05 Thames Street - map e07 Thanet Avenue - map d06 Thatcher Street - map c13 The Avenue - map h05 The Crescent - map c09 The Drive - map e09 The Drive - map f08 The Drive - map f09 The Glen - map d10 The Oaks - map f11 The Oasis - map g14 The Parade - map c15 The Rise - map b15 The Strand - map b09 The Strand - map b10 Third Avenue - map d06 Third Avenue - map d07 Thomas Avenue - map d05 Thomas Avenue - map e05 Thomas Peacock Place - map e14 Thompson Road - map g15 Thompson Park Road - map f13 Thomson Street - map f06 Thorley Street - map e07 Thorley Street - map f07 Thornhill Place - map d16 Thorp Street - map d11 Thorp Street - map e11 Three Kings Grove - map f08 Tidey Road - map f14 Tika Street - map c09 Tiki Street - map d11 Tilbury Place - map e02 Tilden Street - map c09 Timothy Place - map d01 Tinley Street - map b09 Tipene Place - map d13 Tiri Place - map h15 Tirohanga Avenue - map d11 Tirohanga Avenue - map e11 Tirotai Crescent - map c05 Tisdall Crescent - map d14 Tisdall Crescent - map e14 Titahi Street - map f11 Titai Street - map c12 Titoki Street - map c09 Tiverton Road - map f04 Tiwai Road - map g09 Tobruk Road - map e15 Tobruk Road - map f15 Todd Place - map i14 Tohunga Crescent - map c10 Tokomaru Street - map c13 Tole Street - map b07 Tomuri Place - map g14 Tongariro Street - map d07 Tonks Street - map d11 Tony Segedin Drive - map f02 Tooley Street - map b09 Torino Street - map e15 Toroa Terrace - map e05 Torokina Place - map g11 Torrance Street - map f08 Torrance Street - map f09 Torrington Crescent - map d15 Tory Street - map f06 Towai Street - map c14 Towai Street - map c15 Towle Place - map e13 Trafalgar Street - map g09 Trafalgar Street - map g10 Tranmere Road - map e06 Tranmere Road - map e07 Treasury Place - map g11 Trent Road - map f15 Trent Street - map f04 Trenwith Street - map i14 Trenwith Street - map i15 Trevola Street - map g04 Triangle Road - map f14 Trinidad Street - map g04 Trinity Street - map b06 Tripoli Road - map e15 Tripoli Road - map f15 Triton Avenue - map f05 Triton Avenue - map f06 Tropicana Drive - map h05 Troy Place - map d15 Truman Street - map d13 Truro Road - map e06 Truro Road - map e07 Tuakana Street - map e15 Tuakiri Street - map e15 Tuakiri Street - map e16 Tuarangi Road - map d06 Tuarangi Road - map c06 Tuata Road - map g11 Tuhaere Street - map c11 Tuhaere Street - map c12 Tuhimata Street - map c15 Tui Street - map c05 Tui Street - map d04 Tui Street - map d05 Tulagi Place - map c14 Tunis Road - map f15 Tuperiri Road - map f09 Turakina Street - map c07 Turama Road - map g09 Turner Street - map c08 Turua Street - map b15 Turua Street - map c15 Tutanekai Street - map c06 Tutuki Street - map e04 Tweed Street - map b07 Twin Oak Avenue - map f10 Tyburnia Avenue - map f06 Tyler Street - map b09 Tynor Place - map h08 Ulster Road - map g03 Umere Crescent - map e12 Umere Crescent - map f12 Union Street - map c08 Upham Road - map f15 Upland Road - map d11 Upland Road - map d12 Upland Road - map e11 Upland Road - map e12 Upper Municipal Place - map h10 Upper Queen Street - map c08 Upton Street - map b06 Vagus Place - map g09 Vailima Way - map c07 Vailima Way - map d07 Vale Road - map b15 Vale Road - map c15 Vale Road - map c16 Valentines Lane - map b08 Valley Road - map d07 Valley Road - map d08 Valley Road - map e08 Valonia Street - map f05 Vancouver Avenue - map f06 Vanessa Crescent - map d16 Vause Street - map f12 Ventnor Road - map d11 Ventnor Road - map d12 Vercoe Street - map g06 Vermont Place - map b07 Vermont Place - map c07 Vermont Street - map c06 Vermont Street - map c07 Vernon Street - map b08 Verona Avenue - map d05 Vestey Drive - map h13 Vestey Drive - map h14 Vic Butler Street - map g07 Victor Street - map e03 Victoria Avenue - map c11 Victoria Avenue - map d11 Victoria Avenue - map e11 Victoria Lane - map d11 Victoria Street, Onehunga - map j14 Victoria Street, Otahuhu - map g10 Victoria Street, Otahuhu - map h10 Victoria Street East, City - map b08 Victoria Street West, City - map b07 Victoria Street West, City - map b08 View Road - map d07 View Road - map d08 ViewlandAvenue - map g09 Viking Avenue - map h08 Vincent Street - map c08 Vine Street - map b07 Vinter Terrace - map e05 Vinter Terrace - map f05 Violet Street - map e05 Virginia Avenue - map c08 Virginia Avenue - map d08 Vista Crescent - map d16 Vista Crescent - map d17 Vivaldi Place - map g05 Vivaldi Place - map g06 Vogel Lane - map b08 Volcanic Street - map e07 Vulcan Lane - map b08 Waddell Avenue - map e15 Wade Avenue - map g10 Wade Street - map h04 Wagener Place - map e06 Wahanui Road - map f11 Wai - Aniwa Place - map g04 Waiapu Lane - map h10 Waiata Avenue - map d11 Waiatarau Vau Place - map c07 Waiatarua Road - map d12 Waikaraka Road - map h10 Waikare Road - map j14 Waikato Place - map d14 Waikowhai Road - 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map f11 Walsall Street - map e03 Walsall Street - map e04 Walters Road, Kingsland - map d07 Walters Road, Mt.Wellington - map h14 Walters Road, Mt.Wellington - map i14 Walton Street - map d11 Wanganella Place - map h05 Wanganui Avenue - map b06 Wapiti Avenue - map e09 Wapiti Avenue - map e10 Warborough Avenue - map e09 Ward Terrace - map d07 Warimu Place - map c08 Warnock Street - map c05 Warnock Street - map c06 Warren Avenue - map g08 Warrington Road - map d10 Warwick Avenue - map c05 Warwick Avenue - map c06 Warwick Street - map d06 Washington Avenue - map d15 Washington Avenue - map d16 Watea Road - map e06 Watea Road - map f06 Watene Crescent - map c12 Watene Road - map g15 Water Street, Mt Eden - map d08 Water Street, Otahuhu - map i14 Waterbank Crescent - map d04 Waterloo Quadrant - map b09 Waterton Place - map e02 Waterview Downs - map d04 Watling Street - map f08 Watson Avenue - map e06 Watt Street - map b10 Waverley Street - map c08 Wayne Place - map g05 Weaver Avenue - map f08 Weaver Avenue - map g08 Webber Street - map b06 Webber Street - map c06 Webster Avenue - map g05 Weka Street - map j13 Weld Street - map b07 Wellesley Street East - map b08 Wellesley Street East - map c08 Wellesley Street East - map c09 Wellesley Street West - map b08 Wellgarth Street - map d07 Wellington Street - map b07 Wellington Street - map c08 Wellpark Avenue - map c06 Welsh Street - map f05 Wembley Street - map f07 Wendell Place - map f11 Wendover Road - map c15 Wendover Road - map c16 Weona Place - map c05 Wesley Avenue - map d05 Wesley Bay Glade - map h07 West Terrace - map c08 Westbourne Road - map d10 Westbury Crescent - map d10 Westfield Place - map h13 West End Road - map b05 West End Road - map b06 West End Road - map c05 Western Springs Road - map d06 Western Viaduct - map b08 Westhaven Drive - map b07 Westmere Crescent - map c05 Westmere Park Avenue - map b05 Westmere Park Avenue - map c05 Westminster Road - map e08 Westminster Street - map f05 Westmoreland Street - map c06 Weston Avenue - map e05 West Tamaki Road - map d15 West Tamaki Road - map d16 West Tamaki Road - map d17 West View Road - map c05 Westwood Terrace - map b07 Wexford Road - map d06 Weybridge Crescent - map d15 Whaiti Lane - map c10 Wharangi Street - map h09 Wharf Road - map b06 Wharua Road - map d10 Wheturangi Road - map e10 Wheturangi Road - map f10 Whitaker Place - map c08 White Street - map c08 Whitehaven Road - map c16 White Swan Road - map g05 White Swan Road - map h05 Whites Way - map e12 Whites Way - map f12 Whitford Avenue - map g13 Whitmore Road - map h07 Whitney Street - map f04 Whitney Street - map g04 Whitney Street - map h04 Whitson Terrace - map c08 Whittle Place - map f05 Whitworth Road - map f07 Whytehead Crescent - map d14 Wilde Place - map h06 Wilding Avenue - map e08 Wilding Avenue - map e09 Wiles Avenue - map d10 Wilkie Place - map g13 Wilkins Street - map b07 Wilkinson Road - map f12 Willcott Street - map e04 Willcott Street - map e05 William Avenue - map f11 William Blofield Ave - map f06 William Denny Avenue - map c05 William Donnelly Terrace - map h06 William Fraser Crescent - map c14 William Harvey Place - map f14 Williamson Avenue - map c06 Williamson Avenue - map c07 Willis Street - map e05 Wilson Way - map g13 Wilton Street - map c06 Wimbledon Crescent - map d15 Wimbledon Way - map e12 Winchester Street - map c08 Windermere Crescent - map g04 Windermere Crescent - map h04 Windmill Road - map e08 Windsor Street - map c09 Wingate Street - map f03 Winhall Rise - map e12 Winn Road - map c07 Winsomere Crescent - map c05 Winstone Drive - map e13 Winstone Road - map f07 Winstone Road - map g07 Wintergarden Road - map c09 Wiremu Street - map e07 Withiel Drive - map d09 Wolfe Street - map b08 Wolseley Avenue - map b06 Wolseley Street - map d06 Wolverton Street - map f04 Wolverton Street - map g03 Wood Street - map b07 Woodbine Avenue - map e11 Woodbine Avenue - map f11 Woodford Road - map d08 Woodhall Road - map e09 Woodley Avenue - map e11 Woodside Crescent - map c15 Woodside Road - map e08 Woodville Road - map d10 Woodward Road - map e04 Wootton Road - map d09 Worcester Road - map d14 Worley Place - map d13 Wright Road - map c04 Wyndham Street - map b08 Wynsfield Gardens - map g15 Wynyard Road - map d08 Yarborough Street - map b07 Yates Street - map h09 Yattenden Road - map c15 Yeats Way - map h06 Yee Place - map f13 Yee Place - map f14 York Street - map b09 York Street - map d09 Young Road - map g13 Youngs Lane - map d09 Youth Street - map g06 Zeralto Lane - map g05 Zambezi Lane - map g05 Zamora Lane - map g05