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North Shore district planning maps

Auckland Council District Plan Operative North Shore Section 2002 planning maps

The District Plan maps and appendices illustrate what restrictions apply to a particular property or area. The maps must be used in conjunction with the District Plan text (objectives, policies and rules) and are subject to change. Please see Modifications for details of those maps which are affected by modifications.

The District Plan comprises two maps for each part of the city:

  • Zone maps show the various zones in the city which determine how land can be used
  • Designations and special provisions maps show the location of designated public works and network utilities and indicate special controls applying to trees, houses and the coast for example.

Use the map index to find a location and identify the corresponding zone and designation maps.

Legend explaining the various zones PDF 206KB

Plan change 36: Notable trees in North Shore City - decision notice PDF 4.1MB

Map index

Map index showing corresponding zone and designation map numbers.

Zone maps

Designation maps

Explanatory notes

  • The District Plan maps and appendices form part of the Auckland Council District Plan (North Shore Section) Operative District Plan. They must be read in conjunction with the District Plan text and all current modifications.
  • For information on special provisions and scheduled sites that are shown in the maps, please refer to the relevant section of the District Plan text as marked on the map legend.
  • The plan maps do not contain information on natural hazards. Contact us for information about natural hazards.


This electronic version of the District Plan is not intended to be a substitute for the printed version of North Shore City's District Plan, published by North Shore City Council, June 2002. We cannot guarantee that the way your computer views or prints the District Plan will be consistent with the published District Plan. The contents of the District Plan are subject to review and may change from time to time. Please refer to the published document to confirm any information or contact an environmental policy advisor.

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