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Rodney district planning map interpretation

The planning maps show zones, designations, scheduled activities and similar elements and are used to determine how properties or a piece of land are affected by the district plan rules.

Auckland Council District Plan - Operative Rodney Section 2011 planning map interpretation

Designation boundaries

Existing roads and railways are not identified as existing public works. They are nevertheless public works and are designated for road and railway purposes.

  1. (a) All land designated for public works is also zoned. Because the designation has priority, this zoning is referred to as the underlying zone.
    (b) Unless otherwise specified, the underlying zoning of existing formed and unformed roads and railways is the same as that of adjoining land.
  2. (a) Where the land on opposite sides of the road or railway has different zonings, the boundary between the two underlying zones is the centreline of the road or railway except when one of the zones is an Open Space Zone. In the latter case, the underlying zoning is the same as the zoning of the land not covered by the Open Space Zone.
    (b) The underlying zoning in all other areas is the same as the zoning of the surrounding land.

Rivers and streams

Rivers and streams which constitute a perennial body of fresh water and which are outside the coastal marine area but are not shown coloured with the Inland Waters (General) zoning are zoned Inland Waters (General) zone.

HV transmission lines and HP gas pipelines

Only the existing High Voltage (HV) Transmission Lines and High Pressure (HP) Gas Pipelines are illustrated on the maps. Due to the varying accuracies of the source data, the notations on the maps are indicative only and area not intended to show precise details of transmission lines and gas pipelines.

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