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Regional plan: coastal text

Full text document

Text chapter list

  1. Introduction
  2. Management Areas and Areas of Significant Conservation Value
  3. Natural Character
  4. Landscape
  5. Natural Features and Ecosystems
  6. Nga Take Takutai Tuturu Mo Tangata Whenua (Coastal Matters of Significance to Tangata Whenua)
  7. Public Access
  8. Cultural Heritage
  9. Subdivision, Use and Development
  10. General (objectives and Policies generally applying to all use and development)
  11. Activities
  12. Structures
  13. Reclamation and Drainage
  14. Disturbance of Foreshore and Seabed I: Extraction
  15. Disturbance of Foreshore and Seabed II: Dredging
  16. Disturbance or Foreshore and Seabed III: Other Disturbance
  17. Disposal and Deposition
  18. Planting and Introduction of Plants
  19. Taking, Use, Damming or Diverting Water
  20. Discharges of contaminants
  21. Natural Coastal Hazards
  22. Aquaculture
  23. Marinas
  24. Moorings
  25. Ports Overview and General Provisions - 25A Other Port Facility Management Areas
  26. Port Management Areas 1A and 1B
  27. Port Management Areas 1C
  28. Port Management Area 2
  29. Port Management Area 3
  30. Port Management Area 4A, 4B and 4C
  31. Port Management Area 5
  32. Auckland Airport Management Area
  33. Defence
  34. Signs
  35. Noise
  36. Consent Processing
  37. Conditions of Consent
  38. Obtaining Environmental Benefits
  39. Monitoring
  40. Review of and Changes to the Plan
  41. Administration
  42. Existing Uses
  43. Cross Boundary Issues.



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