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Auckland Council District Plan – Hauraki Gulf Islands Section – Operative 2018

The Unitary Plan became operative in part on 15 November 2016, but does not replace this district plan.

​Key dates

  • Notified 18 September 2006
  • Decisions 4 May 2009
  • Operative in part 1 October 2013. See seal and exceptions
  • Operative in full 22 March 2018. See seal

This plan has three primary components:

  • Written text: contains resource management issues, objectives, policies and rules.
  • Planning maps: indicate the areas that the rules in the text and appendices apply.
  • Appendices: contain additional limitations and information like heritage sites, designations and design guidelines.

We recommend you start by using the street listing or map index finding a location on the planning maps.

Read the written text as a whole to understand the plan's common themes and the relationships between chapters.