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Te Mahere Tāone ō New Lynn

The New Lynn Urban Plan

What the New Lynn Urban Plan does

We are transforming New Lynn into a vibrant metropolitan centre.

We envision that, by 2030, New Lynn will be:

  • unique, sustainable, and urban
  • centred on a world-class transit interchange
  • capable of attracting and maintaining a population of 20,000 residents and 14,000 workers.

The New Lynn Urban Plan maps out this vision and acts as the masterplan on how to achieve it.

New Lynn Transport Interchange

The completion of New Lynn's world-class transport interchange in September 2010 - the country's largest-ever public transport infrastructure investment - was the first step in the area's long-awaited regeneration project.

To find out more, see a copy of the plan.

To learn what has been done so far in the plan, see New Lynn Transformation.