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Tino Mahere o Te Pokapū Tāone o Pakuranga

Pakuranga Town Centre Masterplan

The Pakuranga Town Centre Masterplan provides a 30-year vision for the future of Pakuranga. It was adopted by the Howick Local Board on the 10 August 2015.

Vision for Pakuranga town centre

The 30-year vision for Pakuranga:

A vibrant town centre destination, well connected to its coastal walkway and local communities, enhanced by the creation of new civic spaces, green links, live and work opportunities and by its celebration of cultural diversity.

The vision and content of the masterplan were informed through community input.

Masterplan expectations

The masterplan outlines expectations for:

  • high quality civic spaces
  • modern and efficient public transport facilities
  • green connections through and around the town centre
  • a thriving, exciting retail area.

Details are set out in four sections – building, connecting, greening and revitalising.

What the masterplan includes

The masterplan includes:

  • suggestions for three new, well-designed public spaces
  • guidance on the location and scale of new buildings
  • recommendations for new pedestrian, cycle and road connections
  • direction for designing stormwater infrastructure that uses natural systems incorporated into green spaces
  • the mix of activities the community has told us it wants to see in their town centre.

Who will use the masterplan

The plan will continue to be used by the board, Auckland Transport, the community, private developers and our teams to influence and advise on growth and development of the area.

Key outcomes and an action plan within the masterplan will help to frame these discussions.

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​Masterplan progress

Since the Pakuranga Masterplan was adopted in 2015, significant progress has been made on a number of actions. The Masterplan has been used to influence:

  • the design of the Eastern Busway (formerly AMETI)
  • the Howick Walking and Cycling Network Plan
  • the redevelopment plans for the Pakuranga Plaza.

Once these projects have been delivered, the remaining actions from the masterplan will be completed.

Visit AMETI Eastern Busway project for more information.