Built environment:

Te whakamarohi i ngā wāhi tūmatanui

Optimising public spaces

​Action area B8: Ensure public spaces support a low carbon, climate resilient Auckland and optimise multi-functional benefits

  • Embed climate change mitigation and adaptation measures into all park plans for the region.
  • Ensure public spaces meet the growing demands of a growing population and urban intensification by optimising spaces for multiple functions such as recreation, water management and biodiversity enhancement.
  • Prioritise the use of green infrastructure for multiple benefits with a low carbon footprint and include lifecycle analysis in business cases.
  • Install temporary assets to confirm community needs before any permanent infrastructure is built.
  • Explore initiatives to reduce travel needs and adapt locations and scheduling for more local events such as sporting events.
  • Use underused land for opportunities such as energy generation and carbon sequestration.

North Wharf's Silo Park and Wynyard Quarter bars and restaurants with the Sky Tower in the background.

Wynyard Quarter, North Wharf