Built environment:

Te whakamahere me te hoahoa anga

Planning and designing infrastructure

​Action area B2. Ensure new infrastructure is planned and designed to minimise climate risks and lifecycle emissions

  • Assess climate change impacts for all new developments and infrastructure, starting at the business case stage, to identify to what degree a proposal supports or conflicts with our climate goals over its lifecycle.
  • Embed a Dynamic Adaptive Policy Pathways (DAPP) approach to support decisions being made at the right time.
  • Assess and support pathways to decrease construction of new infrastructure in known hazard zones.
  • Ensure that long term resilience and natural hazard planning are embedded in new infrastructure developments.
  • Deliver stormwater solutions and water-sensitive design to enable resilient development and build community resilience.
  • Reduce infrastructure carbon for water and wastewater assets and build their resilience in line with the latest climate projections.

Artist impression of a new train station.