Built environment:

Te whakamōhou whare tawhito

Retrofitting buildings

​Action area B6: Deliver and support retrofit programmes to transition to low carbon, resilient, healthy buildings

  • Deliver a residential Retrofit Your Home programme to improve the health and efficiency of Auckland’s residential buildings, including the installation of insulation, double glazing, efficient heating and lighting, and renewable energy generation.
  • Establish a commercial building retrofit programme to improve the performance and resilience of Auckland’s commercial buildings and promote and enable fuel switching from natural gas to electricity.
  • Establish a programme for installing climate resilience measures at a building and area scale, to address climate risks.
  • Support uptake of productive roofs in Auckland - showcase opportunities through pilots on public assets, address current barriers to uptake and investigate incentives.
  • Investigate the role of productive roofs (e.g. biodiversity enhancement, energy generation, stormwater management, rainwater harvesting and food growing).

A building being deconstructed at Otara Scorpians Rugby League clubrooms, Ngati Otara Park.

Ōtara Scorpions Rugby League clubrooms, Ngati Ōtara Park.