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PC 53: Temporary Activities Standards and Pukekohe Park Precinct

Closed for further submissions

About the plan change

​This plan change aims to provide some additional flexibility for temporary activities to occur as permitted activities (i.e. without triggering the need for a resource consent).
It is proposed to:

  1. Exclude the time required to establish and remove all structures and activities associated with the activity and reinstate the site to its original condition from the duration of temporary activities specified in Table E40.4.1 and to apply the construction noise standards in E25.6.28 to such activities;
  2. Amend rows A5 and A6 in the Temporary Activities “Activity Table” to refer to “temporary activities in public places or on private land” (i.e. recognising that public places and private land are mutually exclusive);
  3. Require a traffic management plan (as a permitted activity standard) for an event in a rural or Future Urban zone where more than 500 vehicle movements per day on adjacent roads are generated;
  4. Increase the duration of those temporary activities that are defined as noise events (i.e. they exceed the noise standards for the zone) from six to eight hours;
  5. Add a noise standard for temporary coastal activities that generate noise but are not defined as “noise events” in the noise chapter of the Auckland – wide provisions;
  6. Align Anzac Day in the Pukekohe Park precinct to the definition under the Anzac Day Act 1966.


Notification on 24 September 2020.

Submissions close on 22 October 2020.

Summary of Decisions Requested notified on 19 November 2020.

Further Submissions close on 03 December 2020.


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