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PC 20: Rural Activity Status

The objective of the proposed plan change is to limit residential and industrial activities in rural areas so that rural zones are predominantly used for rural purposes.

It will ensure that unintended uses like urban industrial activities and retirement villages cannot be established in rural zones unless a rigorous assessment process (via a resource consent application) is undertaken. This will reduce the potential for creating adverse effects such as the loss of rural character and amenity, and unnecessary development on elite and prime soils.

The proposed plan change does two things:

It amends the activity table for the rural zones so that any activity not specifically listed in the table becomes a non-complying activity.

It also amends the reference to "residential activities" in specific rural policies and zone descriptions to "dwellings".

The reason for the second amendment is that the term "residential activities" can include a wide range of activities such as retirement villages and other residential development types. This was never intended in the rural zones.


Notified on 21 March 2019

Submissions closed on 18 April 2019

Summary of decision requested notified on 20 June 2019

Further submissions closed on 4 July 2019

Hearings - for more information see hearing documents.

Plan change documentation

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