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What are designations?

A designation is a planning technique used to authorise works and activities by a requiring authority (such as a council, government organisation or network utility operator) on a particular site, without the need for land use consent.

Designations can apply to both privately-owned land and land owned by the requiring authority.

Designations that apply to privately-owned land restrict what landowners and occupiers can do. The requiring authorities can still undertake certain types of works, activities, or projects.

Most of the designations included in the PAUP were already included in the former Auckland Council district plans. They have been rolled over into the PAUP, with some being modified where necessary.

Some new designations have been requested as part of the PAUP process.

What happens next

Council released its decisions on the council designations on 19 August 2016. Submitters will be able to lodge appeals on the decisions when they are released.

When the council releases its decisions it will also notify requiring authorities of its designations decisions. These must be treated by the requiring authorities as recommendations under clause 9 (1) of Schedule 1 of the Resource Management Act 1991.

Requiring authorities (RA) must notify the council of their decisions on their designations within 30 working days of receiving the council's decision.

RA decisions notified 17 October 2016, see Requiring authorities' decisions on designations.