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E hiahia ana ki ngā whakataunga a ngā mana mō ngā tautapanga me ngā pīra

Requiring authorities' decisions on designations and appeals

The council notified requiring authorities of its recommendations on their designations on 19 August 2016 (i.e. for non-council designations).

Requiring authorities decisions were notified on 17 October 2016. All appeal timeframes have closed as of 29 November.

Appeals filed in the Environment Court against requiring authorities decisions

Date lodged Environment Court # Appellant S274 parties Consent Order (CO)

22 November 2016

ENV-2016-AKL-000270 (PDF 2.9MB)

Tram Lease Limited

Appeal settled

Consent Order ENV000270 (PDF 4.96MB)

25 November 2016

ENV-2016-AKL-000271 (PDF 857KB)

Bunnings Limited

James Mawson (PDF 432KB)

Appeal settled

Consent Order ENV000271 (PDF 1.42MB)

26 November 2016

ENV-2016-AKL-000272 (PDF 1.5MB)

James Mawson

Bunnings (PDF 319KB)

Appeal settled

Consent Order ENV000272 (PDF 1.42MB)

28 November 2016

ENV-2016-AKL-000273 (PDF 4.7MB)

Housing New Zealand Corporation

Appeal settled

Consent Order ENV000273 (PDF 418KB)

29 November 2016

ENV-2016-AKL-000274 (PDF 6.4MB)

Rockfield Trust


Court Notice ENV000274 (PDF 95KB)

29 November 2016

ENV-2016-AKL-000275 (PDF 1.5MB)

Dilworth Trust Board

Appeal settled

Consent Order ENV000275 (PDF 4.96MB)

29 November 2016

ENV-2016-AKL-000276 (PDF13.7MB)

Auckland Council

Appeal Settled

Consent Order ENV-2016-AKL-000276

29 November 2016 ENV-2016-AKL-000277 (PDF14.8MB) Auckland Transport

Appeal Settled

Consent Order ENV-2016-AKL-000277

Information on designations

Find out about what designations are, and how decisions are made by reading our Frequently asked questions (PDF 41KB).

Requiring authorities decisions

Airways Corporation (PDF 249KB)

Ardmore Airport Limited (PDF 432KB)

Auckland International Airport Limited (PDF 2.3MB)

Auckland Transport (PDF 9.8MB)

Chorus New Zealand Limited (PDF 1.8MB)

Counties Power (PDF 2.0MB)

Kiwirail Holdings Limited (PDF 13.8MB)

Kordia Limited (PDF 1.0MB)

Maritime New Zealand (PDF 381KB)

Minister for Courts (PDF 839KB)

Minister for Social Development (PDF 2.3MB)

Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment (PDF 680KB)

Minister of Defence (PDF 1.8MB)

Minister of Police (PDF 464KB)

Ministry of Education (PDF 2.4MB)

New Zealand Transport Agency (PDF 10.7MB)

Prime Minister (PDF 170KB)

Radio New Zealand Limited (PDF 488KB)

Refining New Zealand (PDF 1.0MB)

Spark New Zealand Trading Limited (PDF 1.6MB)

Television New Zealand Limited (PDF 1.0MB)

The Minister of Corrections (PDF 7.2MB)

Transpower (PDF 7.2MB)

Vector Gas (PDF 391KB)

Vector Limited (PDF 4.3MB)

Watercare Services Limited (PDF 1.9MB)

Wiri Oil Services Limited (PDF 778KB)

Public notice - Notice of decisions by Auckland International Airport Limited and the Minister of Defence

This public notice is directed by the court allowing an alternative means of notifying owner occupiers affected by these designations. The public notice was lodged in the:

  • East and Bays Courier
  • Eastern Courier
  • Franklin County News
  • Howick and Pakuranga Times
  • Manukau Courier
  • New Zealand Herald
  • North Harbour News
  • North Shore Times
  • Nor-West News
  • Papakura Courier
  • Rodney Times
  • Western Leader.

See Requiring authorities decisions to view the Auckland International Airport Limited and Minister of Defence decisions.

Rights of appeal

There are certain limited rights of appeal against requiring authorities’ decisions on the recommendations of Auckland Council on Independent Hearings Panel (the Panel) recommendations available to the Environment Court and the High Court.

See the provisions of the Local Government (Auckland Transitional Provisions) Act 2010 (LGATPA) that apply to appeals in sections 157 and 158 of the Local Government (Auckland Transitional) Provisions Act 2010 (LGATPA) website.

Appeal timeframes

All appeals on the requiring authorities decisions must be lodged with the Environment Court or the High Court from 17 October 2016.

Anyone considering filing an appeal with either the Environment Court or High Court is encouraged to seek legal advice.

Timeframes to be aware of:

  • Appeals lodged with the Environment Court under section 157 of the LGATPA, which concern the requiring authorities’ decisions must be filed with the Environment Court no later than 29 November 2016 (being 30 working days after the date of public notification)
  • Appeals lodged with the High Court under section 158(2) or (3) of the LGATPA, which relate to questions of law, must be filed with the High Court no later than 15 November 2016 (being 20 working days after the date of public notification).

Appeal forms

A specific form is available for appeals relating to the proposed plan under the LGATPA. It is part of the Resource Management Regulations 2013.

Find the 2013 regulations and form on the New Zealand Legislation website (Form 7).


For appeals lodged in the Environment Court, see section 157 of the Local Government (Auckland Transitional) Provisions Act 2010 (LGATPA) website.

For appeals lodged in the High Court, see section 158 of the Local Government (Auckland Transitional) Provisions Act 2010 (LGATPA) website.

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