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Kaupapa Here Auahi Kore

Smokefree Policy

​The Smokefree Policy aims to reduce smoking and improve the health and wellbeing of Auckland’s communities.

​Toward a smokefree nation

A smokefree city is part of the Auckland Plan. It aligns with the government's goal of becoming a smokefree nation by 2025.

Our Smokefree Policy 2017-2025 identifies:

  • areas where we have responsibility
  • the best way to make Auckland a smokefree city by 2025.

How the policy will succeed  

The policy aims to improve the health and well-being of Auckland's communities by:

  • reducing the prevalence of smoking
  • de-normalising smoking behaviour
  • providing people with public places that are free of cigarette smoke.

It does not propose to ban smoking.

The policy has been promoted through education and awareness, and uses signage and other forms of communication.

The success of the Smokefree Policy relies on social pressure to comply.

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The Smokefree Policy 2017-2025 Implementation Plan

The plan identifies specific activities to create a smokefree city in four broad areas of responsibility:

  • around our assets and facilities
  • making our public places smokefree
  • having smokefree events in the city
  • informing the public of the smokefree goal.

The plan lists out the areas that will become smokefree.

​Get a copy of the Smokefree Policy 2017-2025 Implementation Plan

​Auahi Kore Hapori Whānui

This plan sets out how Auckland Council will support and empower high smoking prevalence communities in Tāmaki Makaurau to reduce their smoking prevalence.

The plan invests in eight communities across the region:

  • Henderson-Massey
  • Glen Innes
  • Point England
  • Māngere
  • Ōtāhuhu
  • Ōtara
  • Papatoetoe
  • Manurewa
  • Papakura.

The work will focus on priority audiences within wāhine Māori, Pacific males (aged 22 – 45), rangatahi/talavou and their families.

A fresh innovative community led approach aims to reduce uptake and increase the number of successful quit attempts by smokers.

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Current smokefree areas

The areas that became smokefree since the policy was adopted are:

  • all parks and reserves
  • playgrounds
  • skate parks
  • sports fields
  • beaches
  • train stations and platforms, bus stations and shelters, and ferry terminals
  • plazas, civic squares, shared spaces, urban centres
  • areas around sports clubs on council land
  • outdoor dining areas on public land
  • common areas of council housing
  • public outdoor areas associated with the council:
    • local board offices
    • libraries
    • stadiums
    • swimming pools
    • community facilities and halls
    • museums
    • the zoo
    • wharves
    • car parks
    • leisure, recreation and arts centres
    • some outdoor dining areas.

Hospitality venues and outdoor dining

Restaurants, cafes and bars with a licence to use the street pavement for their outdoor dining must make sure those spaces are smokefree.

We have a range of signs to let  your customers know about the smokefree rule.

To order these signs, see Smokefree signage for outdoor dining licence holders.

Smokefree indoor areas

Smoking is banned in most indoor public places.

For complaints about smoking indoors, contact the Auckland Regional Public Health enforcement officers at 09 623 4600.

Smokefree Policy review 2016

The policy was reviewed in 2016, and the results of the review were presented to elected members at the Regional Strategy and Policy Committee meeting on 4 August 2016.

Following this review, we updated the policy and developed an implementation plan to provide greater focus and resources for smokefree initiatives. 

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​Get a copy of the Smokefree Policy 2017-2025