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Ngā papa whakairi pānui Auahi Kore mō te hunga whai raihana mō te kai ā-waho

Smokefree signage for outdoor dining licence holders

As a part of our goal toward making Auckland a smokefree city by 2025, we have brought in new smokefree requirements for outdoor dining licences.

Smokefree signage for your outdoor dining area

There is a range of different signage options to help you let your customers know about the new smokefree requirements for outdoor dining licences held by bars, restaurants and cafes.

You can:

  • order smokefree signs from us free of charge
  • download and print your own smokefree signs
  • see what other smokefree signage is available from other providers.

Order smokefree signage from Auckland Council

These signs are available to order free of charge. They can be easily drilled to the wall or mounted with adhesive, and are designed for outdoor use.


Portrait "No Smoking" sign

  • Made from light metal material.
  • 200x300mm.
  • Order code: #500020.


Portrait "Please consider others" sign

  • Made from light metal material.
  • 200x300mm.
  • Order code: #500040.


Small metal smokefree sign

  • Made of light metal material.
  • 50x50mm.
  • Order code: #500050.


Medium metal smokefree sign

  • Made of light metal material.
  • 100x50mm
  • Order code: #500060.


Large metal smokefree sign

  • Made of light metal material.
  • 100x100mm.
  • Order code: #500070.


Standalone blade sign

  • Made of light metal material and a weighted plastic base.
  • 600x800mm.
  • Order code: #500080.

How to order smokefree signage

You can order these signs by emailing

Specify the order reference and desired quantity.

Smokefree signage available for download

We also have some signs available to download and print yourself.

​Smokefree signage from other providers

There are a number of other smokefree signs available to order at the Smokefree website.


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