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Auckland Council

135 Albert Street cladding project

What the 135 Albert Street cladding project is about

The building at 135 Albert Street requires cladding improvements.

It is a 29-floor tower located on the corner of Albert, Wellesley and Federal streets that serves as Auckland Council's corporate headquarters .

The building houses over 2000 council staff and a small number of tenants.

The building is 25 years old and needs stone cladding work.

Health and safety assessment of the site

The building was checked during the time of purchase. Assessments identified an issue with the building's stone cladding.

Further investigation revealed that the issue is significant and raises health and safety concerns.

Based on global risk assessment standards, there is moderate risk with a low likelihood of anything falling.

However, further actions are still being taken to ensure health and safety.

These include:

  • erecting safety fencing around the building.
  • installing a scaffold system around the top of the building.
  • building a working platform above the lower canopy.
  • applying clear film to the stonework to hold it in place.

Value for money

135 Albert Street continues to deliver substantial value for money for ratepayers and increase staff productivity despite cladding costs. Read more about this on OurAuckland.

For documentation behind the decision-making during this process, contact us.