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Ki te whakapai ake i te kounga wai i Wynyard Quarter

Improving water quality in Wynyard Quarter

We're installing a new 3.2-diameter pipeline that will divert stormwater from Wynyard Quarter to the harbour's edge at Wynyard Wharf. This is part of a wider programme of works to improve Auckland’s stormwater network.

What the project will do

The project will:

  • increase the number of swimmable days at the planned Safe Swim site in Wynyard Quarter
  • improve the experience of locals and visitors to Wynyard Quarter
  • help save money and reduce public disruption as works will coincide with construction of the America’s Cup bases.

Construction timeline

  • Construction requires open-cut trenching and careful removal of contaminated materials.
  • It began in April 2019 and is expected to finish by winter 2020.

Project benefits

The new outfall location will allow any discharges to be quickly carried away by the tide. Previously, the combined stormwater and wastewater discharges flowed into slow-moving marina water.

The pipeline will end at the intertidal zone and will be seen at low tide.

While we expect the quality of the discharges to improve dramatically over time, for now, we ask people fishing near the outfall move to other areas of the wharf to ensure their health and safety.

How the project will be funded

This project is funded using the Auckland Council Water Quality Targeted Rate and implemented by the Wynyard Edge Alliance.