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Te panoni i te āhua o High Street

High Street transformation

High Street transformation aims to make the city centre space more accessible and better for people and businesses.

​About the High Street transformation

In collaboration with Heart of the City and the High Street community, we are trialling ideas for improving High Street and exploring its future.

The High Street district has been seeking improvements to:

  • the way rubbish is collected
  • address traffic congestion
  • make footpaths wider
  • the delivery of goods and services
  • make the street pedestrian-friendly.

We have budgeted $14 million for High Street between 2022-2024. Through this pilot we are exploring options that will help develop the street for the future, while minimising disruption.

The project is following a co-design process. We will evaluate and refine project stages with input from the community.

High Street will be developed in line with the Access for Everyone concept to create more space in the city centre.

For information on Access for Everyone, see the City Centre Master Plan.

Key project outcomes

The project aims to create a space where:

  • people walking, riding bicycles and using other mobility equipment can move freely
  • vehicle access is maintained for those that need to be there
  • High Street remains a vibrant destination for people and businesses.

Scope of the project

  • Reuse of space - such as reallocating car park space for pedestrian use, additional loading zones and mobility parking.
  • Exploration of traffic access restrictions.
  • Space for temporary activities.
  • Integration with Victoria Street car park with opportunities for delivery of goods and services.
  • Monitoring and research to evaluate how the pilot is progressing.
  • Improving waste collection and removal.

Project timeline

Physical works on the High Street A4E concept pilot were completed at the end of May 2020.

Get a copy of the pilot summary

Read an analysis of the lessons learned, feedback, and reviews of the trial interventions we used for the Access for Everyone concept pilot.

Further information

To learn more, contact:

09 301 0101