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Murunga reiti mō te tini āhua kaupapa

Remission (reduction) of property rates for miscellaneous purposes

The policy enables us to remit (reduce) property rates in circumstances that are not specifically covered by other policies, but where we consider it appropriate to do so.

Conditions and criteria of remission for miscellaneous purposes

We may remit (reduce) rates on a rating unit where we consider it equitable to do so because:

  • there are special circumstances in relation to the rating unit, or the amount of rates (or a particular rate) assessed for the rating unit, which means the unit's rates are unreasonable in relation to other comparable rating units
  • the circumstances of the rating unit or the ratepayer are comparable to those where a remission may be granted under the council's other property rates remission policies, but are not actually covered by any of those policies
  • there are exceptional circumstances where we believe it is equitable to remit the property rates.

We have final discretion to decide whether to grant a property rates remission under the policy.

How to apply for this remission

You must apply in writing.

What you need to include in your application

You need to include:

  • detailed information explaining how the property meets the conditions and criteria under this policy
  • a daytime contact phone number so we can contact you if we need more information
  • all relevant contractual arrangements.

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