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Panoni rangatiratanga a te rōia

Solicitors' online notice of change of property ownership

​Change in property ownership notification process

When a property changes ownership, solicitors need to notify Auckland Council and Watercare by completing a Notice of Change of Ownership (NoC).

If you are a solicitor, you should complete the NoC form on the Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) Landonline website as part of your normal Landonline workflow.

You will see the “Add NoC” button at the bottom right of the screen when you are preparing the transfer in Landonline.

Auckland Council and Watercare will receive the updated information on the next business day after you complete and submit the NoC.

For more information see the LINZ information page.

Email if you have further questions.

Extra step for properties in Papakura

Solicitors submitting a NoC for a property in Papakura must also email the water supplier, Veolia, a copy of the completed NoC.

Final water meter reading

When changing a property's ownership, you also need to book a final water meter reading through Watercare.

Email the NoC to if the property has Veolia as its water supplier.

Transferring a resource consent

Change of property ownership does not automatically transfer a resource consent.

If you want to transfer a resource consent on the property that is changing ownership, you will need to follow an extra process.

You can find out how on the Transfer a resource consent page.

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