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Te Whakawhiti kētanga o te whakaaetanga ā-rawa

Transfer a resource consent

You may want to transfer a resource consent to another party to continue the activity.

Land use resource consents

A land use consent or a subdivision consent is attached to the land, not a person or organisation.

The consent stays with the property when it is sold and does not need to be transferred to a new consent holder.

You can choose to transfer the consent to the new property owner if you prefer a formal arrangement.

Email us at if you want to transfer a land use or subdivision consent. The consent transfer fee will apply.

Regional resource consents

A regional consent, such as a permit for waste water discharge or a stormwater discharge, is linked to a person or organisation, and does not automatically transfer when a property is sold.

A consent holder’s interest may be transferred - in whole or in part - to another person for:

  • resource consents for activities using the bed of a lake or a river
  • coastal permits
  • water permits
  • air, wastewater or stormwater discharge permits.

The transfer only takes effect after we process the completed documentation and grant the transfer.

What you need to do to transfer a resource consent

If you are transferring an activity to another person or organisation, it is your responsibility to arrange a transfer of your resource consent.

Both you and the new consent holder will need to sign the transfer form.

We charge a transaction fee for the transfer. You or the person you are transferring to can pay the fee.

When you send in the notice of transfer, tell us who will be paying the transfer charge.

We encourage new consent holders to pay the charge. Accepting a transferred consent is a cost-effective way of getting authorisation for an activity (for example, a wastewater discharge or owning a jetty).

The original consent holder remains responsible for compliance with conditions and all related fees until we receive the completed and signed form.

Consent transfer fees

Fees are indicative only and are subject to change.

Read fee table.
Service Fee
Consent transfer or consent surrender fixed fee (non-refundable) $240

​How to transfer a resource consent

 By email

​Scan the completed document, put "Transfer of [consent number]" in the subject line and email it to:

What happens next

We will complete the transfer within 20 working days and will invoice the transfer fee to the nominated party.

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