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Flooding and storm events
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Cotton woolCotton woolClothing, shoes and textiles Medical waste
Empty tablet blister packs - foil and plasticEmpty tablet blister packs - foil and plastic ​​panadol, neurofen, neurodol, ibuprofin, paracetamol, pill packetMedical waste
Epipen and AnapenEpipen and AnapenMedical waste
Face maskFace maskMedical waste
IV line, tubes and bagsIV line, tubes and bagsMedical waste
Inhalers - MDI, puffers (empty only)Inhalers - MDI, puffers (empty only)Medical waste
MedicineMedicine ​medicines, syrups, pharmaceuticals, creams, ointments, pills, tablets, capsules, solutions, liquids, Tablet blister packs (with unused medicines inside), anaesthetising etherMedical waste
Medicine, pill and vitamin bottlesMedicine, pill and vitamin bottles ​saline containersGlass Medical waste Plastic
Metal squeeze tubesMetal squeeze tubes ​medical cream tubeMedical waste Metal
Rapid Antigen Test (RAT)Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) ​Covid, Covid-19Medical waste
Syringes and needles Syringes and needles recreational drug needles, medical needles, syringeMedical waste
X-ray filmX-ray film ​x ray picture, x-rays, xrayMedical waste Plastic
X-ray fluidX-ray fluidHazardous waste and chemicals Medical waste