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Flooding and Cyclone Gabrielle
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​COVID-19 Alert Level 2 – Bin request information

Household bin removals, exchanges or minor repairs will continue at this time, but with physical distancing.


Puka tono ā-ipurangi hei tono ipu para hōu, ipu para whakakapinga, kia whakaorahia rānei tō ipu para

Request a new bin, bin replacement or bin repair online

You should know

Before you start

Complete this form to request:

  • a bin for a new property
  • a replacement for a lost or stolen bin
  • repair of a damaged bin body or wheel.

Check your email or texts for messages about bin delivery or when to put your empty bin out for us to collect.

If you're requesting a repair, you will need to provide your bin serial number which is on the side of your bin. You can also provide this number for other requests as it will help us process your request faster.

You will receive a response within seven working days on the progress of your bin request.

If your property is in an area that currently does not use recycling, rubbish or food scraps bins, you cannot request a bin using this form.

For bin size options and charges, see Rubbish and recycling bin options and charges.

Your privacy

We will use the information you provide in this form for the purpose of your intended interaction with us, and we may use it for training purposes.

See our privacy policy for more information.

Request a different sized bin

Use Request a different sized bin online form to swap your bin for a different size.

Request an additional bin

Call us on 09 301 0101 to request an additional recycling, rubbish or food scraps bin.

In some areas additional bins are not available. For more, see Rubbish and recycling bin options and charges.

Commercial properties (Manukau)

We do not provide a council recycling service to commercial properties of Manukau.

Call us on 09 301 0101 to request a bin for a commercial property in the former Manukau City Council area.

Abandoned or unwanted bin

Call us on 09 301 0101 to report an abandoned bin, or remove an unwanted bin.

It will take about five minutes to complete this form.