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Waitākere – ngā kōwhiringa me ngā utu mō ngā ipupara me ngā ipupara hangarua

Waitākere – Rubbish and recycling bin options and charges

​Rubbish bins in service

Waitākere rubbish bins are blue with yellow lid and are 240 or 140 litres or green with red lid and are 240, 120 or 80 litres.

Price of rubbish tags

Pricing may vary by area and between retailers. These are the recommended retail prices (RRP).

​Your bin size ​Tag colour ​Price (RRP)
​80-litre (36cm wide*) ​Blue ​$2.80
​120-litre (40cm wide*)
140-litre (45.5cm wide*)
​Orange ​$4.10
​240-litre (51cm wide*) ​Green ​$5.90

* Shown at the top of the bin, on the inside (some bins will display the capacity either on the top edge near the lid, or on a sticker on the side).

Where you can buy bin tags

You can buy bin tags from your local supermarkets and selected convenience stores, libraries and service centres.


Recycle bins in service

Papakura recycling bins are green with a yellow lid and come in 360, 240 and 120 litre sizes.

Recycle bin dimensions

  • 360-litre bins: 1100mm high, 848mm wide, 848mm deep
  • 240-litre bins: 1060mm high, 730mm wide, 730mm deep
  • 120-litre bins: 930mm high, 545mm wide, 545mm deep

​Recycling bin charges

The annual charge for a new or additional recycling bin is pro-rated based on the month the bin was ordered.

​Month bin ordered ​New bin (pro-rata charge) ​Additional bin (pro-rata charge)
Jul 2021 $142.70 $88.90
​Aug 2021 ​$131.89 ​$82.17
​Sep 2021 ​$121.08 ​$75.43

New recycling or food scraps bin: full year

​Service ​Charge for 2021-2022
​New recycling bin ​$142.70
​Additional recycling bin ​$88.90

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