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Auckland Council

What you can and cannot put out for inorganic collection

Ngā mea e āhei tō tuku ki ō kohinga paraumu kore

Inorganic items we accept

  • Large appliances - fridges, freezers, washing machines and ovens.
  • Small appliances - kettles, irons and vacuum cleaners.
  • Furniture - beds, couches, chairs, kitchen items and ornaments.
  • Sporting items - gym equipment, bicycles and toys.
  • Renovation items - carpet, timber (without any exposed nails), tools, fixtures and fittings, baths and sinks (metal and plastic only).
  • Outdoor items - lawnmowers, barbecues, garden tools and outdoor furniture.
  • Electronics - TVs, computers, phones and DVD players.

Consider donating or selling these items before putting them out as inorganic waste.

Inorganic items we don't accept


See What you can put in your rubbish.

Recyclable packaging

See What you can put in your recycling.

Other items

See How to get rid of unwanted items to get disposal options for these items:

  • Polystyrene - includes bean bags.
  • Garden waste - grass clippings, and tree and hedge trimmings.
  • Car and boat parts.
  • Building and trade waste - tiles, plaster board, concrete, ceramic or porcelain, toilet bowls or toilet seats.
  • Glass.
  • Clothing.
  • Liquids - oil, petrol, paint and chemicals.
  • Hazardous waste - poisons, batteries and medical waste.
  • Asbestos - Fibrolite, floor coverings made of asbestos, lagging and ceiling coating.
  • Gas cylinders - CNG or LPG containers.
  • Weapons.

How much you can put out for collection

This image shows how much inorganic material you can put out for collection. It's around the size of one small trailerload.

Items should be small or light enough to be lifted by two people.

An illustration of typical objects you can put in your inorganic collection.Inorganic material we do not collect 

We do not collect inorganic material if:
  • it has been placed outside your property on the kerbside (this is deemed illegal dumping and could incur a fine of up to $400)
  • more than the allowable amount has been placed out
  • the collectors were unable to get access (gates were locked or dog not contained)
  • there were prohibited or hazardous items
  • the material was not out by 7am on your collection day.
There may be a card left in your letterbox explaining why we haven’t collected your inorganic material.

If you have complied with the inorganic collections terms and conditions and your material was still missed, call us on 09 301 0101.