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Fines for rubbish dumping and littering

Rubbish dumping and littering fine amounts

The fine for a first offence is between $100 and $400. For a subsequent offence within a 365-day period the fine is $400.

Read fee table.
Litter left in a public space, or on private land, without the occupier's consent First offence Subsequent offence within one year
Less than or equal to 1L$100$400
More than 1L and less than or equal to 20L*$150$400
More than 20L and less than or equal to 120L**$250$400
More than 120L$400$400
Hazardous litter or offensive litter$400$400

​* 20L is the approximate maximum capacity of two standard supermarket bags in normal conditions.

** 120L is the approximate maximum capacity of a standard mobile garbage bin in normal conditions.

Hazardous litter refers to broken glass, barbed wire, jagged metal, medicines, and hazardous waste.

Offensive waste refers to rotting food, animal remains, faeces and discarded nappies.

You should know

We issue rubbish dumping and littering fines for:
  • dumping rubbish illegally
  • throwing litter from vehicles
  • material falling off trailers.
For more information, see sections 13 and 14 of the Litter Act 1979. We can also prosecute under the Litter Act 1979 for more serious offences.
The maximum penalty, if convicted, is $30,000.

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