Sport and recreation

Sustainability of sport and recreation

The Community Speak Sport Report, March 2015, summarises the views and survey responses provided by grassroots community sport administrators and volunteers.

Themes emerging from the report include costs and revenue, working with the council, and the wider impact of trends that influence people’s sport and recreation choices.

Stand-out results:

  • Fifty one per cent of clubs and groups are simply ‘surviving’, at a below sustainable level.
  • Costs, in particular facility maintenance, are a significant challenge.
  • Revenue opportunities, like sub-leases, events and social enterprise, offer ways to off-set costs, but clubs are often hindered by ‘bureaucracy’.
  • Clubs and groups want a more effective working relationship with the council, including a single point of contact.

Community Speak Sport Report: March 2015 (PDF 1.7MB)


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