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Ngā Kaitiaki Take Tuku Iho i raro i te maru o te Kaunihera

Legacy and disestablished CCOs

In addition to its substantive CCOs, Auckland Council had several other CCOs before amalgamation in 2010.

These are commonly referred to as legacy CCOs.

While legacy CCOs are smaller in size and scale, they provide a valuable service to a wide range of stakeholders and are key contributors to delivering council programmes and services.

They include:

  • Arts Regional Trust (ARTS) – aims to grow entrepreneurship in the Auckland’s arts, culture and creative sectors to generate cultural, creative and economic outcomes that benefit the region.
  • Community Education Trust Auckland, Te Hononga Akoranga (COMET Auckland) – promotes and supports education and training opportunities, especially among communities with high educational needs.
  • Contemporary Art Foundation (CAF) – promotes the arts through ownership and management of the TeTuhi Centre for the Arts, a public gallery in Pakuranga which hosts local, national and international art exhibitions.
  • Highbrook Park Trust – manages Highbrook Estate, including 40 hectares of public parkland.
  • Mangere Mountain Education Trust (MMET) – the trust administers the Māngere Mountain Education Centre which provides educational opportunities for Aucklanders of all ages to learn about Māngere Mountain and its people.
  • Manukau Beautification Charitable Trust – promotes, supports and undertakes programmes, actions and initiatives to beautify Auckland.
  • Mount Albert Grammar School Community Swimming Pool Trust – supports the Mt Albert Aquatic Centre, a local community pool.
  • Te Motu a Hiaroa (Puketutu Island) Governance Trust – oversees and holds the fund for developing, managing, maintaining and operating Puketutu Island. The trust was established by Watercare. It works with the council and iwi to transform the island into a regional park, after the deposition of biosolids in an excavated site.
  • Te Puru Community Charitable Trust – manages the community centre at Te Puru Park and supports sports, leisure, community and cultural groups in the Beachlands, Maraetai and Whitford areas.

Disestablished CCOs

The following CCOs have been disestablished:

Historical information about CCOs

Use our privacy and official information requests online to get historical information on these CCOs.

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