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Ngā Mahere, whakaaetanga me ngā rīpoata mō Upper Harbour

Upper Harbour plans, agreements and reports

​Upper Harbour Local Board Plan

The Upper Harbour Local Board Plan is the guiding document for the local board, and is its strategic three-year plan to outline the communities' priorities and preferences.

Local board plans guide local board activity, funding and investment decisions.

They also influence local board input into regional strategies and plans, including the Auckland Plan (the 30-year vision for Auckland), the council's 10-year Budget (Long-term Plan) and the annual budgets.

Local Board plans 2020

We are starting the process to create our plan for the next three years. You can join the discussion on the Upper Harbour Local Board plan 2020 site.

Get a copy of previous plans

Upper Harbour Local Paths (Greenways) plans

Auckland's greenways plans are a series of visionary networks being worked on by local boards.

Their long-term aim is to improve walking, cycling, recreational and ecological connections across the region.

Upper Harbour Greenways Plan 2019

The 2019 plan builds on and refreshes the 2015 plan. It also investigates some additional connections to improve transport and travel in the area.

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Upper Harbour Greenways Plan 2015

This is the long-term greenways plan for the Upper Harbour Local Board area. It is a guiding document that provides high level direction to improve the open space network.

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​You can request accessible word documents of local board plans through our contact centre on 09 301 0101 or by visiting one of our customer service centres.

Upper Harbour Local Board Agreement (budget)

The local board agreement sets out the local board's budget and funding for activities and performance measures for the financial year.

Local board agreements are part of the council's annual budget.

Get a copy of the local board agreement

Read our budget plans in full.

Upper Harbour Open Space Network Plan

The Upper Harbour Open Space Network Plan will assist the local board decision-making and provide a framework for the development of open space over the next 10 years.

The plan sets out actions to deliver a sustainable, quality open space network that can accommodate and respond to anticipated population growth.

The plan was adopted by the local board in September 2018 and revised in October 2019.

Get a copy of the Upper Harbour Open Space Network Plan

Upper Harbour Strategic Play Provision Assessment

The Upper Harbour Strategic Play Provision Assessment was undertaken to identify opportunities to improve the network of play experiences in the local board area.

The assessment identifies key outcomes through the analysis of the current parks play network provision and is used to guide future enhancement of the wider parks network provision and better service the community as a whole.

The plan was adopted in August 2018.

Upper Harbour Local Board Economic Development Action Plan

Local boards have an important role to play in local economic development and provide useful input to regional economic development initiatives where appropriate.

Development of a local economic development action plans provide a mechanism to identify local economic development issues and opportunities. The plan identifies and implements initiatives in response.

The plan was adopted in December 2015.

Get a copy of the Upper Harbour Local Board Economic Development Action Plan

Archived documents

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