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Ngā mahere, whakaaetanga me ngā rīpoata mō Waiheke

Waiheke plans, agreements and reports

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All 2023 local board plans are adopted.

To find out more about the process, visit Local board plans.

​Waiheke Local Board Plan 2023

Our local board plan is a three-year strategic plan that guides local board activity, funding and investment decisions. It also influences local board input into regional strategies and plans, including the Auckland Plan (the 30-year vision for Auckland), our 10-year Budget (Long-term Plan) and the annual budgets.

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You can request accessible Word documents of local board plans through our contact centre or by visiting one of our libraries with council services.

Waiheke Local Board Agreement (budget)

The local board agreement sets out the local board's budget and funding for activities and performance measures for the financial year.

Local board agreements are part of the council's annual budget.

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Read our budget plans in full.​

Waiheke Local Park Management Plan

The Waiheke Local Park Management Plan covers 125 local parks on Waiheke that are owned or managed by Auckland Council. To get a copy of the plan, see Waiheke Local Park Management Plan.

Waiheke Local Climate Action Plan: Waiheke ki uta, Waiheke ki tai, Waiheke ki tua

This plan identifies opportunities in the Waiheke Local Board area to:

  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • increase resilience to climate change.

It builds on our existing environment and sustainability initiatives and focuses on eight priority areas from Te Tāruke-ā-Tāwhiri: Auckland's Climate Plan.

The eight priority areas are:

  • natural environment
  • built environment
  • transport
  • economy, community and coast
  • food
  • te puāwaitanga ō te tātai
  • energy and industry.

We want to make Waiheke a world leader in climate change response by achieving a net positive carbon footprint by 2040.

Our vision is to become a shining example of how to respond to climate change. We want the whole community to take ownership of the plan and its implementation.

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Waiheke Local Board - end of term report (2016)

In October 2014, the Waiheke Local Board adopted the final local board plan setting out a framework to guide decision-making and actions for the next three years in the Hauraki Gulf Islands.

This report provides a summary of some of the achievements and successes over the three years of this term.

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Waiheke Local Board - Joint CCO Engagement Plan 2021-2022

This plan outlines how Waiheke Local Board and council-controlled organisations (CCOs) will work together on community priorities.

The CCOs include:

  • Auckland Transport
  • Tātaki Auckland Unlimited
  • Eke Panuku Development
  • Watercare

This plan also creates a framework for reporting progress.

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​Waiheke Local Board Housing Strategy

The board drafted this strategy in 2019 to address housing issues on the island and will continue to work on key actions in the current term.

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​Waiheke Pathways Plan

Essentially Waiheke

'Essentially Waiheke' is a village and rural community strategic framework to help inform decisions on matters affecting our island and community.

It represents our essential views, and opinions. It holds our concerns, our hopes and aspirations and our vision for the future of our island.

This is the voice of the motu.

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​Recreation Waiheke - Waiheke's open space network plan (2012)

This document sets out a 10-year vision to guide decision-making on the provision, development and management of the open space network on Waiheke Island.

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Waiheke Kauri Dieback

​Waiheke Marine Reserves

Waiheke marine protection survey

Waiheke Local Board engaged Colmar Brunton to help determine what the Waiheke community feels about the board's aspirations to develop a network of marine protected areas connecting the islands in the Hauraki Gulf.

The community was also asked to help establish a series of principles to guide where these could be located.

Almost 2000 people responded to the survey, which was sent to 6333 Waiheke residents on the electoral roll and 2370 Waiheke ratepayers with off-island residential addresses.

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​Marine reserve research

Waiheke Local Board engaged eCoast to carry out research into the current state of five proposed marine reserve areas.

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​Waiheke Arts and Culture Needs Assessment

In May 2017, the Waiheke Local Board began a needs assessment with regards to arts and culture on the island.

The assessment was completed in March 2018 and identifies insights and opportunities in this space. It also sets out a series of recommendations to address these findings.

Get a copy of the Waiheke Arts and Culture Needs Assessment.

Alison Park Concept Plan

​Wharetana Bay Concept Plan

​Little Oneroa Reserve Concept Plan

​Waiheke pest plant control plan on reserves

​Waiheke Community Survey Results

​Waiheke Island School Road Safety Survey Results

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